The Firehose Project Review: Programs, Cost, Student Feedback – January 2022

Have you ever had an emotional experience that was too much for you to handle? In all honesty, the Firehose Project deserves all the attention! 

For those unfamiliar with Firehose Project: It’s an online education platform that teaches you how to become a software engineer or a web developer through an immersive curriculum. Students can finish this program at their leisure.

This bootcamp differs from others. Here you’ll acquire the programming languages and technical abilities that today’s leading companies and start-ups require. The Firehose Project stresses peer mentorship and collaboration, which is an essential cornerstone of the program, and students may expect one-on-one teaching.

There are a plethora of coding bootcamps available, and it appears like hundreds are starting every day. As a result, there is more significant rivalry, which leads to more confusion regarding which bootcamp to attend. This Firehose Project review will provide you with a comprehensive guide to decide if it’s worth entering.

What is the Firehose Project?

The Firehose Project (FHP) is an online coding school for beginners looking into web programming, and it’s been a part of Trilogy Education since 2018. Firehose is a 22-week full-time and 42-week part-time coding Bootcamp that combines expert one-on-one teaching, a personalized, rigorous curriculum, and a worldwide student support community. 

Students begin coding on the first day of class and are partnered with a senior software engineer mentor to help them improve their coding abilities. Students have access to a private Q&A forum and technical office hours. They have over 100 mentors (instructors) with good coding backgrounds, including PayPal, eBay, Flickr, Shopify, BBC, and Yahoo. FHP’s founders, Ken & Marco, are mentors as well.

Students learn how to develop a website, get code reviews, and solve Ruby coding tasks during the free 2-week Firehose Intro course, which screens out the majority of programming job hopefuls before they even get to an interview. Students can also participate in a group project to construct an advanced application or launch their advanced web applications idea through the virtual coding Bootcamp.

Graduates build a portfolio of advanced web apps that interact with APIs, user authentication, database relationships, video streaming, and more while developing algorithms, design complex data structures, and learning fundamental computer science principles.

The Firehose Bootcamp tuition is $4,000, which you can pay in five $900 monthly installments. Students can get career preparation, résumé critiques, and help with their GitHub and LinkedIn accounts through the Firehose Project.

In addition, Firehose has introduced a new job search track that will equip students with everything they need to maximize their job search as a new developer and make the transition from Bootcamp graduate to a hired developer as smooth and seamless as possible. Firehose coding camp collaborated with technical recruiters, alumni, senior developers, and BrandYourself, a leader in online reputation management featured on Shark Tank, to create a track that gives students the best career preparation resources possible.

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Firehose Bootcamp reviews: What do students say?

When you decide where and what to study, you will always be curious to hear what others say; student reviews can give you a good idea of what to expect from a coding Bootcamp. Not that a coding Bootcamp won’t have some bad reviews, but you can get a sense of it from the reviews. The success stories about Firehose are fantastic.

Read these Firehose Project reviews from students to learn more about the Bootcamp.

Salvi, Chris:

“The Firehose Project was the best investment I’ve ever made, and I owe it to the people and community who made it possible.”


“Amazing Bootcamp. Firehose is ideal for individuals seeking a remote option. The creators are highly hands-on, answering questions and assisting you through the process of figuring out how to think about difficult problems involving complicated data structures. They are always adding new content and improving the entire boot camp. I had a fantastic mentor, as well as video office hours with Ken and Marco, where they go through all of the questions that current students have”.

Tate Price:

“I learned more in my first two weeks with Firehose training than I did in ten weeks at another boot camp, and after receiving many offers, I accepted a full-time developer position.”

Sandra Harrasser:

“I honestly believe I received my money’s worth in terms of education. I have a profession that I enjoy, and I can earn money while doing so.”


“It is a wonderful learning opportunity! You’re going to learn a lot in the FirehoseProject! The subjects covered in the seminar are in-depth. The staff and all the instructors are attentive and accommodating to make your stay a memorable one! I feel like I’ve come a long way since day one, and I’m constantly improving. Overall, the learning experience is excellent, intensive, and well worth the money.”


“WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. To be honest, I don’t see any disadvantages to this program. On the contrary, I discovered nothing but advantages in it. It is self-explanatory and simple to use, not to mention plenty of helpful information.”

Max Ernst:

“This was a great course. The course’s content was simple to comprehend, although it covered much ground. The curriculum focused on application — getting projects up and running to show how well you learned. Furthermore, the information was current. I got a job offer in the middle of the course, and the course material was just as relevant as it could be to my first tasks at work. Furthermore, the mentors were excellent and quick to respond to any inquiries, no matter how innocuous they appeared to be.”


“So far, I’ve completed 20 sessions in the Intro to Software Engineering course, a preparatory course for evaluating whether or not a boot camp is the right path for you. So far, the videos have been of excellent quality, easy to follow, and informative. Some of the definitions, in my opinion, are a touch lacking because they tend to be less metaphor-based (and don’t always keep the rookie in mind), but overall it’s of extremely high quality. That’s not a problem because you can look up a term on Google and go to a website like ruby for beginners. Ruby Monstas provided some detailed and clear explanations for terminology that I didn’t understand the first time I read them on Firehose. Overall, the curriculum structure is excellent.”

Hariharan Sai:

“I’m enjoying learning to code; I started with preparation and found it intriguing and motivating. It’s something I’m learning at my own pace (taking a few steps at a time due to other personal commitments), and now I have a better understanding of coding and the niche in general. I’m looking forward to learning more. Ken Mazaika and his colleagues are worth great recommendations!”


“I’m in week 10 of 42 of the Firehose program, and it’s doing fantastic. However, there is still lots of instruction to guide you through the content. The projects you make are not only useful but also enjoyable. The tasks are difficult yet satisfying to overcome. The community is fantastic, and learning materials abound. The mentor sessions are a vital part of Firehose. Working with a live person and discussing ideas and concepts with an expert is invaluable and frequently causes a “light bulb” moment. Staff will contact you to ask about your progress and if anything can improve your experience. You’ll soon see that everything you’re learning is interconnected and builds a solid foundation.”

FirehoseProject courses

Full-Stack Web Development
OnlineFull-time and part-time42 weeks or22 weeks, depending on the format$4,000

Full-Stack Web Development

The Full-Stack Web Development course covers everything from learning to code to constructing a portfolio, working in a team, enhancing your CV, interview preparation, and mentoring. By the end of this program, you will know how to build advanced web apps (dynamic web pages) and solve challenging algorithms.

CSS, Git, Heroku, Ruby, User Authentication, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Ruby on Rails, Algorithms, JavaScript, and Data Structures are topics covered in this course. Before applying to Firehose Project’s actual bootcamp, you must first complete their preparation course.

The program has a few sections:

  1. The first one provides visitors with a general understanding of the industry and contains many videos. The section introduces people to the fundamentals of HTML and CSS as they create a portfolio page. You will work together to develop your foundational skill set during this period. 
  2. After that, there’s a pretty thorough introduction to Ruby programming.
  3. Following that, they return to the portfolio and complete it. You’ll be fully prepared to shift careers, which will assist you in developing your distinctive tale to stand out to potential employers.

The one-on-one mentorship-based program trains you to think, work and overcome difficulties in the manner of a professional software engineer. You will learn marketable skills by developing fully functional online applications and using tools (no in-browser fluff) to construct an algorithmically driven web application just the way pros do that in a real-world environment.

Firehose Project cost and paying options

The bulk of boot camps demands that students invest substantial time and money to learn everything in a short period with some free resources. You can combine and attend as many courses as you want within the restrictions of a person’s schedule and financial resources because they are stand-alone professional courses in each topic focus. That’s significantly more effective in obtaining technical education achievement.

There are a few different financing alternatives to consider when paying for Firehose. Their online coding bootcamp’s tuition is $4,000, which you can pay in five $900 monthly installments. In addition, the program gives a clear payment schedule for each course it offers.

It is already a cost-effective bootcamp that can save you money in the long term. You can learn to be a full-stack web developer for a fraction of the cost of a university or other bootcamp.

The refund procedure for Firehose training is highly straightforward. They’ll provide a full refund if you need to drop out during the first week of the course. You can get a prorated refund based on the number of days you spent in the course if you need to withdraw after that.

If you sign up for one of FirehoseProject’s payment plans, your first monthly payment will be deducted on the day you sign up. They’ll charge fees to your payment method on file on the same day of the following month.

Students can use PayPal, credit or debit card, or a direct bank transfer. You can change the payment method on file once you’ve set up a payment plan. Please note that the Bank payment option does not allow you to use your bank, and this payment processor does not support some smaller regional banks and credit unions. They would gladly work with students to decide whether switching course paces is the best option. If that’s the case, they’ll alter your tuition and assist you in adjusting to the new course pace.

Firehose Project schedules

The online Firehose bootcamp is designed to operate around your existing work schedule: The program lasts 22 weeks for full-time students and 42 weeks — for part-time students. It allows the flexibility of completing the curriculum at a student’s own pace. You will learn how to make a smooth transition into a new career at a reasonable cost.

The program is adjusted to the goals and schedule of each student. Coding begins on the first day of class, and students work one-on-one with an experienced mentor weekly to improve their coding skills through three hands-on projects that increase complexity. Lesson Q&A forums and technical office hours with experienced genuine web developers provide additional support.

Firehose would guide your career through 1-on-1 mentorship, real-world initiatives, and career support that is flexible to accommodate your hectic schedule. Decide on your program pace and submit your deposit to secure your spot in the program on the most convenient day. New students begin their studies every week, ensuring that they never wait too long to start coding.

The Firehose Project helps launch an idea into an actual web application. Instructors and mentors will guide the process, and you can turn to them with any queries about your career path or technical topics.

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Firehose application process

Firehose bootcamp is a virtual apprenticeship that includes career support, one-on-one training, and a team of experienced trainers to help each student get the most out of the program. During the free 2-week intro course, students learn how to construct a website, receive code critiques, and complete Ruby coding assignments. This course filters out most programming job candidates before they even reach the interview stage.

The application process at Firehose is straightforward, with no problematic stages. To enroll, you must first complete the following requirements.

  • Be clear about your ultimate purpose in learning how to code. Is it to pursue a career as a developer, improve skills in your current job, or start your enterprise, among other things? But even if you’re a newbie, you’ll benefit from Firehose training: A two-week preparation session is free, and your goals and schedule will be considered when designing the program.
  • Fill out the application form and select a convenient start date to begin your program.
  • Interview for the course application.
  • Your enrollment becomes activated once you have paid the tuition cost and secured your position in the program.

In addition to Ruby-on-Rails and JavaScript, the course covers certain fundamental front-end (HTML and CSS) concepts, emphasizing the user experience. After finishing the course requirements, you will be completely prepared to pursue a different career path. These professionals will assist you through the current employment market and collaborate with you to construct an accurate developer CV, write a cohesive cover letter, and present your work in the most professional light possible. It will assist you in developing a unique story that will make you stand out to potential employers.

Candidates for Firehose don’t need to have any previous experience in coding to get accepted. The classes can aid both beginners and specialists in refining their abilities in a non-discriminatory atmosphere by removing barriers to participation.

All in all, it’s an engaging approach for entrepreneurs who are just getting started in web development to build high-quality online apps in a short period.

Student outcomes and job placement after graduation

Between 2016 and 2026, the US Department of Labor predicts a 24% increase in demand for developers. There will be a demand for eight new career changes per day for the next ten years. The purpose of the Firehose Project is to prepare people for high-paying new jobs. The Firehose coding school assists you in obtaining employment, equipping you with in-demand skills to find a job in the web development profession.

Large organizations where Firehose alumni have found employment include BounceX, Predictive, Inc., Gaslight, Swarm, Algebraix, Image Options, WeTransform, Active, BioConnect, and more.

The average annual salary for a trained web developer is $106,860. Even though wages vary, these figures indicate an excellent beginning point for a prosperous career. The most effective approach to prepare for a career in the IT business is to attend this bootcamp.

In most situations, though, graduation from a bootcamp implies that the work has just begun. The developer job search is unique, and as a result, figuring out how things operate is frequently a large part of the job search process for new developers.

Frequently asked questions

What programs does Firehose have?

The Firehose Project has a few programs for students to consider: Virtual Coding Bootcamp (the online course on Web Development), the free 2-week Firehose intro course, and the Firehose Core — the primary program where students learn Git, MongoDB, AngularJS, Rails, NoSQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and SQL.

How much does FirehoseProject cost?

With a total tuition cost of $4,000 for the program, students can make payments in five monthly installments of $900. After completing the program, they can use the Firehose Project’s career preparation services, including resume evaluations and assistance with GitHub and LinkedIn profiles.

What paying options do I have in Firehose?

For a lot less money than you’d pay at a university or other bootcamp, you may train to be a web developer. Firehose is a cost-effective bootcamp that can save you money in the long term, providing various paying options. Their refund policy is straightforward, and they will give you a full refund if you have to give up during the first week of the training. They can give you a prorated refund based on the number of days you spent in the course if you need to withdraw after that. You can pay your tuition in installments or full using PayPal, credit or debit card, or a direct bank transfer.

How can I apply to Firehose coding bootcamp?

The Firehose Project is an excellent bootcamp that is simple to join and requires minimal effort on your part. Everything you need to do is fill in the application form, choose a convenient start date, and have an intro interview with the school’s representative. No prior experience is needed to engage in their introductory classes, and there is no charge for their two-week preparation program.

Are there any bad Firehose Project reviews?

One of the top indicators of how you will feel about a coding bootcamp after you have attended it is student reviews. There are a lot of Firehose Project reviews that are incredibly good. It’s not to say that this coding bootcamp doesn’t have any bad reviews at all, but their small number can give you a decent idea of Firehose’s general reputation. Inquire about recent graduates’ perspectives and where they are in their careers via Twitter or email. What were their thoughts on the bootcamp? Is it true that they got a developer’s job?

Where can I work after this coding bootcamp?

BounceX, Predictive Inc., Gaslight, Swarm, The Program, Algebraix, Image Options, WeTransform, Prosper, Active, BioConnect, WEXS Health, TMC Design Corporation, and others are among the large companies where Firehose alumni have found work.

Also, the Firehose Project has partnered with BrandYourself and worked with technical recruiters, coding bootcamp graduates, and senior developers to give you the most up-to-date job advice and helpful insight. Students who finish the entire program will receive a personalized lesson from the BrandYourself team, as well as access to the premium tool.

How can I prepare for Firehose?

A good coding Bootcamp can change your life, and the best ones frequently reimburse 100% of tuition if you drop out during the first week and a prorated amount if you drop out after that. For more people, the finest coding bootcamps offer monthly payment options. If you don’t see any payment plans advertised, send an email to double-check.

After reading this guide, doing your homework, and talking to numerous coding bootcamps, you may enroll at the Firehose Project. No specific or coding-related preparation is necessary.

Is FirehoseProject closed?

This school has become part of Trilogy Education, providing intense tech training programs to thousands of new learners online due to these acquisitions and assisting program graduates in finding rewarding work in the digital economy.

Trilogy Education’s existing portfolio of in-person and live online programs, delivered in cooperation with over 40 premier universities worldwide, will be supplemented by the inclusion of a new, self-paced online learning format as a result of the acquisition of the Firehose Project.

Is the Firehose Project still worth it?

The short answer is yes. We’d recommend starting with the free introductory course to get a feel for things. There is no need for a credit card or cumbersome documents; your name and email address are all you need. Building web applications with the Firehose Project is a fantastic way to learn more about coding.

Those seeking an online coding Bootcamp and those serious about pursuing a full-time career as a software engineer should strongly consider taking their courses.

In a word

The Firehose Project is a fantastic source to learn more about coding, online application development and important computer science principles: The bootcamp’s focus is to bridge the technical skills gap by providing in-demand technical talents missed in typical four-year college programs.

Notwithstanding that they aren’t an independent project but part of Trilogy Education, Firehose training courses are immersive, informative, and straightforward for beginners willing to join the coding world. The tuition is affordable thanks to flexible paying plans, and the reviews from Firehose alumni confirm the school is worth trying.

We hope this Firehose Project review will help you reveal all the pros and cons of these coding courses and decide if it’s exactly what you need to start your coding journey.

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