Byte Academy Reviews and Your Complete Guide on This Bootcamp

With the rapid growth of technology, an increasing number of people want to join this field. A college degree is no longer required to work in tech. However, if you consider a stellar and successful career in the tech industry, you must get the appropriate training and certification. 

And that’s where schools like Byte Academy come into place.

In this article, you’ll learn everything a potential student needs to know about Byte Academy, including their programs, Byte cost, and fair Byte Academy reviews from students and alumni.

So, here we go!

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What is Byte Academy?

Byte Academy is a coding bootcamp and one of the top tech training programs designed to help you take the first steps in a tech career. It offers software engineering programs and data science course, and it’s pretty accommodating for beginners who have no previous experience in coding.

Byte program provides a variety of learning options. Its coding courses are available both remotely and on-site, and the academy also assists you in preparing for jobs through their extensive career services. They offer preparatory classes as well as job placement assistance to help you in your development.

On-site locations for Byte Academy are in Bangalore, Mumbai, and New York. They provide 14 weeks of full-time and 24 weeks of part-time Web Development and Data Science programs, both online and on-site. After the 14-week or 24-week program, a mandatory internship follows.

After completing the required internship, you’ll get six months of post-bootcamp career assistance from Byte Academy, which helps you obtain a preferred position. This bootcamp includes additional training, technical interview counseling, mock interview coaching, resume and LinkedIn guidance, and networking advice and recommendations.

It’s also worth mentioning that Byte Academy hires top-notch instructors with extensive expertise in the technology industry.

Reviews: What Byte Academy students say

We believe that alumni feedback should be one of the core factors for potential students to consider before enrolling. So we’ve checked dozens of reviews of Byte Academy from their students on different resources, including Byte Google reviews, and gathered the most meaningful ones to help you get the impression of this coding school.

Chase, Full-Stack Python bootcamp (part-time) student:

“I was concerned about my ability to pick up with the coursework coming from a non-coding background, but Byte Academy’s curriculum is well-structured, so it was easy for me to pick up. In just a few months, the school helped me transit from Video Producer to Software Developer. The teaching staff is exceptional, caring, and all-around a fantastic group of people who genuinely care about your goals.

Is Byte legit? It’s truly is. Although I only had a limited amount of time there, I am amazed at how much I learned.” 

Sanoj Matthew, Full-Stack Python bootcamp alumni:

“Byte Academy’s Python Full-stack course was a valuable learning experience for me. At Byte, we were involved in a complete hands-on curriculum on Python, unlike other training institutions that just teach theory about the language, which leaves us in a bind since we don’t know how to deal with it. In addition to being challenging, the exams and tasks are also educational.”

Udit Kumar, Introduction to Data Science bootcamp graduate:

“I wanted to start a career in data science, but I had no basic knowledge in coding. The orientation at Byte Academy encouraged me to learn Python, and the course gave me solid foundational knowledge in the subject.

They provided hands-on projects, which made it easy to apply what I learned. Byte Academy gives guidance to students after the course, and this ensured that I wasn’t lost in any way.

However, the course duration was short, which prevented me from learning in-depth in some topics.”

Gregory Smith, Full-Stack Python bootcamp graduate:

“My friends advised that I join a coding bootcamp to learn how to code, so I knew what to anticipate in terms of work and time commitment. Even still, the course was challenging enough that I spent almost all of my time studying for 14 weeks. The Full-stack Python course will take up a lot of time, so you have to be consistent. Over the 14 weeks, I learned a lot, enough to give me confidence in my skills with Python in particular.”

Gabriel, Python foundation alumni:

“I wanted to switch from finance to technology, but I knew it would be a problematic transfer given my lack of programming knowledge. The fintech-focused curriculum supplemented my financial experience while also giving me the confidence and skills to go beyond just learning Python.

I began with the foundation class and progressed through the full-stack program. It was challenging, but as long as you stay up with the work, you’ll be pleasantly pleased with how far you’ve come and how much information you’ve gained in a matter of months. And now I’m a full-stack developer capable of developing apps in Python, JavaScript, and React.”

Byte Academy curricula

According to Byte reviews, this coding camp provides three types of curricula:

Introductory courses

These classes are for those who do not have background knowledge in coding. It’s a course that prepares the student for the main program, and it lasts a few weeks.

The courses include introductions to Python and Data Science.

Those for Python welcome students who desire to pursue Python or software development courses. This preparatory course gives basic knowledge of the main program and can take place online and in person. It will last two weeks, after which you will be able to apply to Byte Academy, one of the leading programs.

Those for Data Science are for students willing to start a career in the corresponding field. They go over the basics of Data Science for two weeks and can complete the program online or in person. 

Data Science Bootcamp

This course begins with Data Science fundamentals and progresses into Python Programming.

In addition, you will learn about machine learning and data visualization. The curriculum includes math abilities such as statistics, linear algebra, and calculus, among other things.

Byte Academy has a flexible learning scheme. Their full-stack courses are usually part-time or full-time so that students can choose the most convenient plan for them.

Python bootcamp

Python is among the top sought-after programming languages in the tech industry. The Python bootcamp at Byte Academy is a comprehensive course that will prepare you for working in the corresponding area.

In their full-stack Python programs (full-time and part-time options are available), you will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, SQL, and all the patterns and theories you’ll need to complete advanced software development projects.

Byte Academy courses

CourseLocation FormatDurationCost
Python foundationNew York CityIn-person/Online4 weeksFree
Full-stack Python Bootcamp (full-time)
New York City, BangaloreIn-person/Online14 weeks$14,950
Full-stack Python Bootcamp (part-time)New York CityIn-person/Online24 weeks$14,950
Data Science (full-time)New York CityIn-person/Onlin14 weeks$14,950
Data Science (part-time)New York CityIn-person/Online24 weeks$14,950

Python foundation 

Most Byte Academy reviews describe this course as the perfect one for applicants who want to understand the principles of Data Science via Python programming. The course lasts four weeks, both online and in-person, and is free of charge.

Students will learn the introduction to software engineering via Python programming language, including variables, data structures, and the fundamentals of system operations like Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Git and Github.

Full-stack Python bootcamp (full-time)

This bootcamp will introduce you to the fundamentals of Python programming. It’s one of the Byte Academy courses offered once a student completes the free Python foundations we discussed above.

The course lasts 14 weeks, both online and in-person, and costs $14,950 in total. Python, a coding language built on the underlying framework of networked programming, is emphasized heavily in the curriculum.

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Full-stack Python bootcamp (part-time)

Byte Academy Python bootcamp teaches full-stack development utilizing the given programming language. The course lasts 24 weeks, both onsite and online, and costs $14,950, just like any other Byte program.

This bootcamp will train you to be a Full-Stack Web Developer. The course begins with Python basics and progresses to the most crucial data structures and algorithms you’ll need to succeed in the industry. You will also learn to use Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS to create eye-catching websites using object-oriented design patterns.

Data Science (full-time and part-time)

This bootcamp in Byte Academy teaches essential Data Science concepts together with full-stack development via Python programming language. The curriculum covers basic data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming concepts, Python, and JavaScript. 

Students will work on many data science projects, including a final project in their area of interest. By the end of the program, you will understand neural networks and machine learning and will need to complete an individual and a group project to graduate from this course.

Byte Academy cost and paying options

Bytes Academy offers impressive courses, all for the same price: $14,950. Introduction (preparatory) courses are also here for free, so you could try and decide if this niche interests you enough to continue learning.

The coding bootcamp has a flexible payment plan, and students can pick the most convenient option for them:

  1. Upfront payment: This one is the primary paying option in Byte, requiring to pay the full tuition fee before the resumption of classes. The interesting fact is that students can pay the least money when choosing an upfront plan because no additional payments are here.
  2. Payment by installment: Here, you’ll be required to make an upfront payment of $500 at the time of enrollment. Depending on your preference, your installment can be paid within a period of 3 to 6 months.
  3. ISA (Income Share Agreement): This payment plan supposes you’ll give them money after getting a job. (Study now, pay later.) Once you get hired after graduating from Byte Academy, they’ll calculate your payment in the percentage of your salary. However, have it in mind that you could pay a lot more using the payment option.
  4. Scholarships: The school also offers scholarships to students. Yet, only women are eligible for them. This way, Byte encourages ladies to dive into the tech field. They partner with HerTech to provide this scholarship. 
  5. Loan: Byte Academy has loan partners, Climb Credit and Skillsfund, to provide you with study loans.

Byte Academy application process

Applying for Byte Academy is a simple process, described on their official website in detail:

First, you decide on the program of study that you want to pursue. Check into the programs and dates available for you to choose. Do some research and go through the course materials to figure out what you will learn how much the courses will cost in total.

Then, apply via the Byte Academy portal: Fill in the form, telling about yourself, your previous experience in the niche (if any), and why you want to join this specific institution. Once you submit the application form, you will receive an email confirmation.

After that, you’ll get an email with the date of the entrance examination and an interview. Ensure that you pass your assessments and interview questions, as you’ll need good scores to get accepted. Later, you’ll have an interview with a representative of Byte Academy’s admissions department.

The last step in completing your registration process is to choose and execute a payment method. However, one of the requirements to get accepted is taking a preparatory course. If you have already taken it on a different platform, you will be required to take a test to prove how much knowledge you have and a good understanding of the niche fundamentals.

Frequently asked questions

What types of programs does Byte Academy have? 

Byte Academy programs are for those who want to become data scientists or software engineers. You may also enroll in a preparation course if you have no background knowledge. Every program will provide you with a personal instructor who will help you get through many tasks, tests, and other challenges you’ll have.

What paying options do I have in Byte Academy?

Five paying options are available in Byte Academy for potential students to choose from: upfront payment, installment, ISA (income share agreement), scholarships (for women only), and loans.

How can I get accepted to Byte Academy bootcamp?

To get accepted to a Byte Academy bootcamp, you need to pass the entrance exam and interview. If you don’t have any previous knowledge and experience in coding, they’ll also ask you to take preparation courses. If you’ve already taken such a course on another platform, you will need to take a test on a school’s website.

Are there any bad reviews of Byte Academy?

There aren’t any bad reviews from Byte Academy, though some recommendations to increase the duration of their courses are still present. Some Byte reviews also suggest the school create more classes, not on Data Science and Python only.

What are the job outcomes for Byte Academy graduates?

Byte Academy graduates work for companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Facebook, HSBC, and many others. While the school doesn’t guarantee employment, they offer extensive career services to prepare you for job placement.

How much is Byte’s cost?

Byte Academy provides courses for $14,950 each, and their preparation course on Python foundation is free of charge. It lasts four weeks, and it’s your chance to try and understand if the tech niche is for you.

What is the Byte Academy schedule?

At Byte Academy, there are two types of schedules: full-time and part-time. The full-time courses last 14 weeks, proper for those with a lot of time on their hands. Note that the full-time program can afford you an internship position at Spryte. The part-time courses last 24 weeks and are ideal for those with other responsibilities or jobs. You can dedicate time both to attending Byte Academy classes and working.

Is Byte legit and worth it?

Yes, Byte Academy is well worth it. Their flexible payment plans and learning schedules help you get tech skills and prepare to land a job in the field. Plus, you don’t need any previous experience in coding to get accepted: Byte’s preparation courses will get you covered.

Final words

If you want to pursue a data scientist, software engineer, or programmer career, Byte Academy is your go-to place. This coding bootcamp provides you with flexible learning schedules and excellent guides for job placement, increasing your chances of employment after you complete training.

Byte Academy reviews from students and alumni say it all: You do not need a coding background to enroll and may have internship opportunities to increase your professional level in tech skills. The school is worth trying if you’re sure that coding is exactly what you want to do for a living.

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