Beach coders academy review – January 2022

Finding the best coding school to learn Front-End Web Development or UX Design can be difficult, and many coding tutorship reviews on the internet may be misleading. Asides other expensive college programs, coding is a stepping stone to a new career or a way to pursue a creative interest that, once mastered, becomes a great launching point in a world of possibilities.

Beach Coders is a code training bootcamp offering beginner-level bootcamps in El Segundo, California, for students interested in a new career. Their courses are four weeks long, and you can attend them part-time or full-time.

This BeachCoders review will teach you everything you need to know about how to thrive in the coders world via this bootcamp. Continue reading to learn more about Beach Coders Academy’s tuition, student opinions, courses, and job placement.

What is Beach Coders Academy?

Beach Coders offers Front-End Web Development with UX Design bootcamps in El Segundo, California. These courses are for students who possess absolutely no coding experience or design experience but want to start a new career as corresponding specialists. Their classes are part-time or full-time and lasts for just four weeks. Also, all training takes place at the El Segundo campus or online.

While knowledge of Front-End Web Development or UX Design is not required to apply, students should handle files, copy, paste, post, use a web browser, and have a basic understanding of how files are organized on a computer which are the basic computer operational experience . The programs equip anyone with very limited knowledge in coding with the knowledge and skills they need to compete in today’s coding world and pursue new and exciting career opportunities in the tech world.

Classes go Monday through Friday in the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions for maximum impact and flexibility. Beach Coders also offers one-on-one training in all of the courses. Schedules and offers are constantly upgrading, and there absolutely no doubts with regards to students learning process.

Beach Coders teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in small groups to maximize learning and make the class enjoyable. This prepare students for a career in Front-End Development or further education to become Full-Stack Web Developers in the tech world. Lectures, code-along, group exercises, and portfolio building are all part of each course day. The Front-End Web Development and UX Design courses cost $2,477 here.

The school has many collaborations that provide coding apprenticeships and job support. They’ve partnered with a job assistance agency to help graduates find paid internships and full-time jobs. It also follows up with you after you graduate to assist you in finding a job.

Beach Coders partners with LaunchCode to provide job placement assistance to all graduates. They look to contract talent directly from the graduate pool to team them up with other coders for commercial contract projects.

The school also works with TekSystems® Recruiting and direct hire partner companies to provide career resources and web development tools for professional development. Paid apprenticeships for recent graduates to continue learning under the guidance of a mentor and eventually be hired full-time are available through many direct-hire partner opportunities.

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Beach Coders Academy review: What students say

BeachCoders help you achieve your goals, regardless of your skill level, and their student reviews prove it. Student and alumni reviews on programming bootcamp can give you a good idea of what to expect from a school. Not that a code training bootcamp won’t have some bad reviews, but you can get a sense of it first-hand.

Read these student reviews to learn more about Beach Coders Academy bootcamp.

Kelly, 10/22/2021

Beach Coders’ UX Design Certification class was great! A 4-week online course with one-on-one instruction helps me progress quickly. I enjoyed working with Tikku! So inspiring and informed. I appreciate this class’ extra time and attention, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering this career.

Anonymous, 7/17/2021

I took the course and enjoyed it. The instructor was enthusiastic and fun! Even though there was a lot to cover in four weeks, I had no doubts by the end. I felt like everything we covered was cutting-edge Front-End Development.

Katrina, 2/23/2021

Jason, the instructor was very helpful. He made the Full-Stack Web Development course fun and the class enjoyable while clarifying my understanding and gave me tools to practice my skills.

Rayven Spellman, 11/3/2020

BeachCoders is an excellent school for beginners or students who already know to code but want to learn more. The instructor was very helpful and friendly and explained everything thoroughly. Though I had no confidence in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, I am excited to continue my coding journey.

D. Sparks, 9/2/2020

I finished the Beach Coders CodeWave Immersive one-on-one, and it was my hectic schedule that made me sign up thanks for the low-cost part-time program. The instructor and director were friendly and patient, and I’d like to thank them a lot for that: in those pandemic times, attention and kind words did matter for each of us.

R. Magana, 3/23/2020

I came in completely unprepared, and after the classes, I have a solid grasp of coding and am excited to see what I can create now! I’m a graduate of Coders Academy’s UX Design course, and I took it online. Highly recommended for those with no design skills or just starting their way as user experience designers.

Anonymous, 11/22/2019

First, I’d like to praise my instructor’s communication skills. Great going at my own pace. (I had previously taken C++ and Python courses.) But there were some drawbacks too:

We didn’t even touch node, react, or lifecycle methods, so I’m a bit disappointed. Plus, it is not for a junior job. Before applying and preparing your own portfolio, you must practice alone for a long time. The focus is on HTML, CSS, and BASIC Javascript, so I think they should call it that.

Kane, 5/15/2019

I enjoyed the one-month Front-End Web Development course! After this school, I felt much more confident in my development skills. Instead of sitting through lectures, we actively wrote programs or built websites every class. The program is fast-paced, but you can learn a lot if you study alone.

Carlyn, 3/11/2019

Beach Coders Academy gave me the structure I needed to launch my career in Web Development. Great instructors are helpful and dedicated to making sure you get the most out of the program. More than that, networking with my fellow coders and niche influencers helped me with my job search and career path greatly!

Beth, 7/3/2018

The small class size at Coders Academy was refreshing and supportive! I highly recommend it if you want to learn to code professionally. We were lucky to have professional instructors, friendly and flexible enough to listen to our remarks and suggestions on a program. I loved the fact I could organize and control my learning process.

Marc, 3/21/2018

I’d move from Spain for their Web Design Courses Los Angeles if I could! So I wasn’t sure how much I’d learn in a month in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript… Our professor Christoph explained everything with examples and coding exercises. All classes were recorded for later viewing at home. We were able to create apps that I never thought I could make and, more importantly, fall in love with coding.

Beach Coders courses

Full-Stack Web DevelopmentLos Angeles, onlineIn-person class or one-on-oneFour weeks$2,477
Front-End Web DevelopmentLos Angeles, onlineIn-personFour weeks$2,477
Data Structures, Algorithms, BlockchainLos Angeles, onlineIn-person class or one-on-oneFour weeks$2,477
UX DesignLos Angeles, onlineIn-person class or one-on-oneFour weeks$2,477

Full-Stack Web Development

We recommend this Full-Stack Web Development program for those with some coding experience. The course will assist you in improving your coding abilities, develop modern web content, and you will also create modern web applications and portals after graduation.

In a collaborative classroom setting, you’ll learn various JavaScript frameworks. Advanced JavaScript, front-end frameworks and databases, and creating a Node app are among the modules. As you study, you will expand your own portfolio. Tuition can be paid in whole or installments, with a few paying plans available.

To apply and get invited to an interview, students must have intermediate JavaScript skills and a basic understanding of Front-End Development.

Front-End Web Development

This Web Developing course for beginners will teach you how to code. And without  any prior coding knowledge, you’ll learn how to use various coding languages to create functional websites. After the class, you’ll have a strong portfolio, thanks to this hands-on approach.

The academy will cover an introduction to HTML and JavaScript here. You’ll also  learn CSS javascript jquery reactjs and various programming skills; the topics become more advanced as the course progresses, and you’ll be an expert by the end.

Students are assigned a one-on-one instructor who will walk them through the material while tailoring the course to their particular interests and projects.

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Data Structures, Algorithms, Blockchain

Beach coders also offer immersive software engineering programs that will teach you data structures, blockchain development, algorithm development, and advanced algorithmic thinking. Experienced Web Developers will better understand data analysis through this course.

Students will investigate a variety of database modalities, create their algorithms for applications, and create a decentralized blockchain app to later add to their portfolios, which they will be able to take with them when they graduate.

BeachCoders can issue you a certificate once you complete your capstone project at the end of the course. You are welcome to choose whether to work alone or in pairs, but the latter option is your best bet to network effectively.

UX Design

Coders Academy’s Web Design courses in Los Angeles will teach you to make appealing and functional websites in an easily understandable manner. It’s your chance to learn current UX best practices, and you’ll know both theoretical and practical elements of UX Design. Students will work their own projects which are any final project of their choice and receive feedback throughout the process. The project will be developed incrementally throughout the course to serve as part of their portfolio.

You’ll learn to prototype and create projects for your portfolio at the end of the course. If you want to become or develop your professional skills as a UX Designer, this is a fantastic option to consider.

BeachCoders cost and paying options

The majority of bootcamps require students to commit significant amounts of time and money to learn everything in a full sprint of time. With stand-alone professional courses in each subject focus, Beach Coders prioritizes the student experience. Their programs can be combined and attended as many times as desired within the constraints of a person’s schedule and financial resources, which has proven to be far more effective for succeeding in technical education.

When it comes to paying for Beach Coders, there are a few different financing options to consider. The Academy offers courses for as little as $2,477 per person, and the program provides clear pricing information for every program it offers.

The fact is, it’s a cost-effective bootcamp that can help you save money. You can learn to be a Front-End Web Developer or a UX Designer for a lot less money than you would pay at a university, a college, or other bootcamps.

Here are a few paying options BeachCoders provide:

  • Upfront: The school offers the option to pay tuition in full before starting classes. The most significant advantage of paying in advance is that you will be guaranteed a spot. When you only make one payment, you won’t have to worry about accruing tuition debt.
  • Loans: It’s a type of financing that allows you to borrow money. Beach Coders has partnered with Meritize to offer flexible loans to assist you in covering the costs of tuition. The Meritize loan will make it easier to obtain credit and begin your education. You can increase your loan limit by providing information about your academic background, work experience, or military service.
  • Installments: If you cannot pay in total upfront, Beach Coders offers the option to pay in weekly installments. With this payment plan, you can make payments in parts until you have paid off the entire balance.

The cost covers the entire program while including a super professional material for effective learning; however, students need to bring their laptops to each enrollment course. Student laptops should have the minimum specifications: Windows 10 or Mac OS X Sierra 10.10, 2.5 GHz processor, 120 GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM, and Wi-Fi access.

Coders Academy schedules

The school offers beginner-level bootcamps in El Segundo, California, for students interested in a new career as a Front-End Web Developer or UX Designer. The Beach Coders programs run for four weeks, and all sessions take place on weekdays. For one-on-one sessions, they offer mornings, evenings (as available), and flexible time on afternoons or evenings. The bootcamps can be part-time or full-time.

The course schedules are different for each program. Each provides one-on-one instruction rather than the traditional classroom environment. Hours for students who enroll in a private one-on-one course may vary depending on the instructor.

The UX Design course is held from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Students can also participate in this class from Monday through Friday from 3:45 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

The Advanced Web Developing JavaScript and the Full-Stack course take place in the evenings, Monday through Friday, from 6:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. The final web development class is available in both morning and evening sessions. This course is open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or from 6:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. on weekdays.

Live online format is available for all Beach Coders courses. Their skilled instructors will provide you with one-on-one private training, which will be tailored specifically for you. You learn at your own pace and know that you will always be in control as you acquire these valuable skills.

Students don’t require all prior education or need to be extremely knowledgeable in Front-End Web development to apply. Still, they must have basic computer skills such as handling files, copying, pasting, posting, using a web browser, understanding the organization of the files on a computer, etc.

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Job assistance in Beach Coders Academy

Beach Coders Academy provides you with in-demand skills that can assist in landing a job in the field of computer programming. NBC Universal, NASA, Boeing, Legal Zoom, and SpaceX are large corporations where Beach Coders alumni have found employment.

Beach Coders does not offer a job guarantee. On the other hand, the school provides extensive career resources, collaborating with Triplebyte, Coalition Technologies, SEEN by Indeed, CodeForCash, TEKsystems, and other similar organizations.

The collaborations can assist you in locating job opportunities that are both rewarding and dependable. The school offers a competitive curriculum, expert instructors, hiring partners, and tuition options.

Upon completing all BeachCoders courses, you will receive a certificate of completion. According to the organization’s official website, the average certified Web Developer earns $95,587 per year, while the licensed UX Designer earns $73,868. Although the salary varies, these figures represent an excellent starting point for a lucrative career.

Unlike traditional higher education institutions that maintain the same curriculum for years, Beach Coders supports an up-to-date curriculum. It keeps abreast of current market demands and trends to inform its educational offerings. This bootcamp is the most effective way to prepare for a career in the tech industry.

Beach Coders Academy application process

BeachCoders is a fantastic bootcamp that is easy to get into with little effort on your behalf. It is entirely okay if you have limited knowledge of the web as it is unnecessary to have any previous skills or take any preparatory courses to enroll. You can begin with the beginner track and progress to a more specialized one later. As of 2021, Beach Coders Academy had over 400 students and graduates under its belt, and this number will definitely grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered at this location.

Students can enroll in the Beach Coders bootcamp by completing an online application.

The acceptance rate for Beach Coders

Beach Coders don’t make their acceptance rate available to the public. New students can enroll in part-time, full-time, and self-paced programs, all currently available. Anyone with the essential aptitude and attitude for success can participate.

Beach Coders programs cover the fundamental computer science information that will prepare anyone to develop websites, software, or progress to become a professional full stack developer. It’s generally a launching point to begin one’s journey

Beach Coders’ application and selection process

There are no complicated steps in the application process at Beach Coders. If you want to enroll in their course, please follow the steps outlined in this section.

Choose one of the four available courses based on your preferences.

Fill out the form and choose the date that works best for you to begin your program.

Pay the tuition fee and secure your spot in the program to activate your enrollment.

After completing the course requirements, Beach Coders Academy graduates will receive an official certificate of completion. Through their partnership with LaunchCode, the school assists all graduates by playing a part in placing them with respective jobs to match thier discipline. Beach Coders have a unique feature: They contract talents directly from their graduate pool and pair them with other coders for their commercial contract projects.


The Front-End CodeWave program builds on the basics of computing and  knowledge of web development. In the first week of your study, it’ll cover HTML tags and forms, page layout and positioning, CSS selectors, responsive web design, Materialize, and the Terminal environment.

The second week of the course covers control flow, manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM), objects, functions, data structures, arrays, version control, and other topics.

Week three covers programming paradigms, Ajax, and jQuery. You’ll also learn database management and object-oriented programming. Week four covers Node.js, React, and more portfolio projects.

The CodeWave course covers many of the same topics as the UX Design course. Prototyping, business analysis, and wireframing are covered here. This course teaches how to use the advanced CodeWave program and builds a complete application at the end. The CodeWave.DS encompasses various topics and organizations, including blockchain, frameworks, databases, Node, and advanced JavaScript.

Frequently asked questions

What programs do Beach Coders have?

Beach Coders’ certifications are available for UX Designers, Web Developers, and Data Analysts. They last between four and twelve weeks, teach anyone with little or no programming experience to code basic web and app development applications, and provide corporate training programs. Each course comes in three different formats: in-person group sessions, in-person one-on-one sessions, and live online one-on-one sessions.
The course tracks equip graduates with the skills they need to succeed in today’s workplace, including web developing, software development, and related creative workflows. Four courses are available in this school: Full-Stack Web Development, Front-End Web Development, Data Structures, and UX Design.

What paying options do I have in Coders Academy?

It’s a cost-effective bootcamp that can help you save money. Beach Coders offers various financing options, including loan financing, up-front payments, month-to-month installments, and a combination of the two. They don’t explicitly state that it accepts the GI Bill, but you can inquire with the company’s financial team about this.

How can I apply to Beach Coders Academy?

Beach Coders is a fantastic bootcamp that is easy to get into with little effort on your behalf. It is unnecessary to have any previous skills to participate in beginner courses, and they don’t ask you to take any preparatory courses. Everything you need to do is fill in the application form on their website and wait for confirmation from their side. You can begin with the beginner track and progress to a more specialized course later.

Are there any bad Beach Coders Academy reviews?

Student reviews are one of the most reliable predictors of how you will feel about a coding training after enrolling. Not that a coding bootcamp won’t have a few negative reviews, but you can get a good sense of its overall reputation based on that. Reaching out to former bootcamp students can provide you with some of the most candid feedback. Use Twitter or email to solicit recent graduates’ opinions and find out where they are in their careers. How did they feel about the bootcamp? Is it true that they landed a job as a developer?

What are the job outcomes for Beach Coders graduates?

The school’s courses are specifically designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the technology industry after they graduate: They provide in-demand programming skills and top tech training programs using up-to-date and industry-standard languages. Over 400 Beach Coders graduates have already found rewarding careers at well-known companies such as SpaceX, Legal Zoom, NBC Universal, Boeing, and Google. This is with absolutely no doubts a possibility as the academy provides job support to its students after graduation.

How much do Beach Coders cost?

Beach Coders Academy costs $2,277 to enroll in the CodeWave course, which teaches Front-End Web Development full-time. The private user experience design program, called Ultimate UX, has a one-time fee of $2,477 and is only available to individuals. The CodeWave.JS course also costs $2,477 and covers the entire Web Developing stack.

The code wave course, topics, organization algorithms, and blockchain technology cost $2,477 upfront and are available online. CodeWave Solo is a private one-on-one version of the immersive CodeWave course: It has a one-time fee of $2,477.

How can I prepare for Coders Academy?

In contrast to the majority of bootcamps, Beach Coders does not offer any bootcamp preparation courses. On the other hand, you can prepare for their program by becoming familiar with the subject matter: Learn by following YouTube tutorials, reading a book, or participating in a webinar. Aside from that, there are numerous online bootcamps where you can learn to code for nothing.

What tech companies do hire Beach Coders graduates?

Beach Coders Academy prepares you with in-demand skills that will help you land a job in the field of computer programming. Their graduates work in companies like NBC Universal, NASA, Boeing, Legal Zoom, and SpaceX. There are also graduates from Beach Coders who work at Google, all thanks to the amazing job support policy. These are all put together to ensure you do not have a terrible career after graduation.

Is Beach Coders Academy worth it?

Beach Coders is well worth the investment with top tech training, truly refreshing and supportive programs that provide a standalone coding certificate for each course they offer. This bootcamp is an excellent substitute for university programs or any other more expensive bootcamps. It’s ideal for aspiring Front-End Web developers and UX Designers on a budget.
Beach Coders’ curriculum will assist you in preparing for a career in technology and provide networking opportunities while working on your own projects. After completing the course, you will access the network of this school’s partners, who frequently hire their graduates due to the academys’ job support policy

The verdict

Coding skills are in high demand, and almost any industry you can think of will require you to have them to be successful.

Beach Coders is the coding school that allows you to choose how quickly and how much you want to learn while remaining in control. It has the potential to completely transform your professional trajectory in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years, depending on your existing knowledge. Unlike other professional certificate training programs, every course from beach coders are standalone and comprehensive, not excluding the development course from beach coders.

We hope this Beach Coders Academy review has helped you get a better idea of this bootcamp. Students can maintain a healthy work-life balance here while learning today’s most in-demand skills by picking and choosing only what they need right now or what they have the time and money to devote to their studies.

Because of this model, Beach Coders distinguishes itself from other top tech training programs in the coding bootcamp space, and their graduates benefit from flexible, part-time schedules, individualized pace, and reasonably priced tuition.

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