Actualize Bootcamp Review: Programs, Cost, Student Feedback

This Actualize bootcamp review will focus on this coding school’s classes, tuition, paying options, and other services. This Chicago-based institution prepares students to work as web developers by providing them with the necessary skills.

Actualize bootcamp hires lead instructors with professional educational and professional software development backgrounds. The school is dedicated to mentoring students looking for their first job in the software sector and teaching programming skills. Actualize offers daytime and evening/weekend classes, allowing students to transfer to successful web development professions without leaving their current jobs while learning to code.

Actualize provides full-time and part-time coding bootcamps both online and at its Chicago facility. The bootcamp consists of four weeks of self-paced “pre-work” before starting the main program, followed by 12 weeks of instructor-led class sessions. Also, this coding school provides additional support for remote students via private video conferences to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

More details and answers to all frequently asked questions on this coding bootcamp are below.

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What is Actualize?

Actualize is a 12-week software development bootcamp with part-time and full-time alternatives in Chicago and online around the United States. Students learn full-stack web programming from instructors with professional teaching expertise, including Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, VueJS, SQL, and Git. They use an immersive, instruction-driven curriculum in both the in-person and online programs, with the online live courses taking place in real-time via video conferencing.

Actualize is a coding bootcamp that prioritizes quality instruction, employing a hybrid teaching approach that incorporates live instruction and exercises.

Given that online students attend live classes, they have the same ability to interact and ask questions as on-campus students as the lessons advance. Actualize Online Live course takes place in every city in North America and is the world’s only 100% live online coding bootcamp to complete with all instruction and activities.

Actualize offers a “Job Hacking” program that focuses on the personal branding and networking skills needed to succeed in interviews and get a new job, which they consider equally as vital as learning to code. It helps alumni execute their job hunt in a focused and timely manner:

Students can join the unique Career Support / Career Advisor program after the 12-week program, which includes extra job hacking training, a job accountability group, and team projects to add to one’s portfolio.

To enter the bootcamp, one must first fill out an online application and then participate in two interviews with an admissions advisor. There are no coding challenges, but students must complete four weeks of prep work before beginning the curriculum. The daytime course runs Monday through Friday, while the part-time course runs Sundays and weeknights, allowing working people to attend a coding bootcamp while working full-time.

The online and in-person versions of the Actualize coding bootcamp cost $14,900. Students have the option of paying in whole or in three interest-free installments. Participants can also finance their tuition by taking out a loan and paying it back over three years in monthly installments.

Students create a capstone project and participate in coding challenges here. After completing the bootcamp, graduates will receive job search assistance, including interview preparation and networking opportunities.

Actualize reviews: What students say

There are a slew of coding bootcamps to choose from, and it looks like hundreds more are opening every day. As a result, there is more competition, leading to increased uncertainty about which bootcamp to attend.

These Actualize coding bootcamp online reviews from its students and alumni will help get a better idea of whether this school is worth your attention:

Britney Foor:

“Actualize makes it easy to switch from one sector to another, and that’s what made me fall in love with this bootcamp!

Full-time employment with full-time coding bootcamp attendance is not easy. The school made learning to code fun, and I never dreaded going to class after a ten-hour day. I had a tough couple of weeks during my course, and my instructor (Brian) met with me to discuss my alternatives. In cases like mine, Actualize allows you to pause your course and restart during the next cohort. I persevered (and am glad I did) and ended up with an excellent web application and a foundation for a web development career.”


“I completed the course on Web Development online.

Actualize helped me flourish in the tech field after leaving the concrete industry. Their curriculum is fast-paced and diverse, but you never feel left behind. The small class size, skilled instructors, and numerous superb TAs provide a terrific support system. If you want a full-stack experience that will challenge and teach you, I highly recommend Actualize.”

Ian Boyle:

“Actualize is a fantastic bootcamp for beginners. They emphasize teaching you how to introduce yourself as a professional, which is one of the reasons I selected their Web Development course. I also chose this curriculum since it was available online long before COVID, which was a significant benefit – they have the correct framework in place. My one complaint is that as someone with prior coding knowledge, there were instances when I didn’t feel challenged enough. Anyway, I’ve got a great job after graduation, and the school gave me a firm basis to build on.”


“This course provided an excellent foundation for someone with no prior web development knowledge. They were great. Brian’s dad jokes made the class funnier, and Lauren and Patrick were excellent TAs. Overall, I give them 9 out of 10 points for curriculum, atmosphere, and outcomes! One point is taken away just because no one is perfect, as you know.”


“I did tons of research on bootcamps before joining Actualize. After all, these coding camps’ prices vary as much as their technologies. I knew how to use a computer (well, like any other user in the 21st century, you know), but not coding. I couldn’t even open the terminal. This was by far the best option I could have made. There was no syntax or building of “X” (Well, of course, they did, but read on…). I used documentation to study, learn, and apply information. This bootcamp taught me to fish. A 4-month camp gave me the courage to develop stuff we didn’t know in class. Don’t waste time figuring out how to start; just start here.”


“I would recommend Actualize to anyone interested in web development. The positives of this program are that it is an online-live class where you can do it wherever you are, but with actual people and a specific schedule. I found the instructor to be knowledgeable and helpful, and also direct, which has proven to be crucial to true learning critical thinking.”


“Actualize coding bootcamp is a must. You are not overwhelmed at the start of the cohort because everything is set out for you, and our lecturer, Brian, could not be nicer. They are very understanding of the situation and prepared to assist in any manner. They start with a 5-week prep that gets you up to speed in Ruby and puts it to use.”

Actualize bootcamp courses

The curriculum at Actualize camp emphasizes web programming and job hacking skills. The latter focuses on developing students’ networking and personal branding skills, which are critical in obtaining employment.

Actualize offers a live online bootcamp as well as a Chicago-based bootcamp. Both are primarily concerned with full-stack web development. You can complete these bootcamps part-time, allowing you to continue working while studying. An online pre-work program precedes the 12-week live teaching at Actualize’s headquarters. 

Full-Stack Web DevelopmentChicago, OnlineOnline, In-person,Part-time and full time16-weeks$14,900

Full-Stack Web Development

The web development course is offered full-time and part-time, remotely or on-site. All students learn software engineering skills with a focus on full-stack development.

Actualize’s Chicago coding bootcamp teaches JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, Git, and other technologies. The curriculum also covers backend development technologies to prepare students for the workplace.

The bootcamp offers two scheduling choices, each requiring at least 20 hours per week: Daytime and evening/weekend. Students can choose between a part-time evening and weekend schedule or a full-time weekday plan. It includes four weeks of self-directed “pre-work” and 12 weeks of live online instruction.


Students will learn the basics of coding from CEO Jay Wengrow via videos during the Pre-work level. Pre-work ensures students master the essentials before moving on to the main program.

Lessons and exercises are completed at any time throughout the four weeks allotted for Pre-work. A teaching assistant assesses the work and provides constructive feedback. Each video includes activities to be submitted via the Student Portal.

Actualize cost and paying options

The full-time and part-time programs cost $13,900 each. The goal is to get accepted into the program. When a student is accepted, they must submit a non-refundable deposit of $1,000. The money gets withdrawn from the total tuition, and enrollees will have three alternatives to pay off the balance.

Students who complete an Actualize bootcamp can pay in three ways: installments, loans, or upfront payment. A non-refundable $1,000 deposit is a must for all three options.

  • Upfront: If you are able to pay upfront, you might want to consider doing so. Students who pay their bootcamp tuition in full receive a $500 discount. This payment option means payment in advance. Actualize’s admissions advisor will assist you in determining the payment date.
  • Installments: Students may also choose to pay in installments. This payment option allows them to divide their tuition expenditure into three interest-free installments. The admissions advisor at the institution assists students in determining the payment date and the final payment date. By the end of the bootcamp, they have paid for their tuition; students should pay all costs before the day of graduation.
  • Loans (TuitionFlex): Actualize also offers TuitionFlex, which entails the coding bootcamp paying for the student’s tuition for three years. Participants can use this program to pay for their education. To cover the expense of the bootcamp, students submit monthly tuition payments for three years. Monthly repayments range from $409 to $452, depending on the student’s credit and financial history. To find out about interest rates and other details, contact Actualize directly.

Actualize bootcamp itself does not provide scholarships to participants, but applicants can read more about general bootcamp scholarships and apply for one available for this school. Other loans given by banks or other lending agencies are also available to students.

Actualize schedules

Actualize coding bootcamp schedule (Sundays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Mon-Thurs 6-9:30 p.m.) permits you to continue working full-time during the course.

  • Full-Time: This one features a full-time program that requires 40 hours per week to complete. The curriculum focus is around courses and activities that are in-depth in nature. Full-time students follow a 12-week intense plan to cover all topics in that time frame. On the other hand, this option may not be appropriate for individuals employed full-time.
  • Part-Time: A part-time schedule is available for those juggling other obligations such as job or school at the same time as attending Actualize. Part-time students will have 16 weeks to complete the course because of its decreased intensity. It can also be performed in person or online if you want.
  • Flex: This schedule option is more convenient for students who cannot devote a significant amount of time to their studies. Because there are no set hours, the Flex model is typically a self-paced program that takes longer to finish. Actualize does not currently provide a flex option for its curriculum; however, students can choose between full-time and part-time choices depending on their needs.
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Actualize application process

Actualize is looking for motivated, goal-oriented students that want to work directly with teachers and other students and plan to code in the future. Actualize is a great place to start if you’re a budding software engineer with no prior expertise. The coding bootcamp seeks people who are enthusiastic about web development.

Although self-study is usually sufficient, the institution does not provide an admissions interview preparation course. There are numerous free internet resources available to assist applicants in preparing for the interview.


To be considered for the program, applicants need to complete the online form at the bootcamp’s website. After submitting it, they will be asked to participate in two separate interviews with the school’s admissions advisors. There are no coding challenges or tests involved.

After being approved, students must complete the four-week Pre-work stage, which includes watching pre-recorded films that cover the fundamentals of computer programming. During this time, students must also submit assignments. This stage is a perfect opportunity for applicants to understand if they do enjoy coding and want to continue studying.


During the admissions process, Actualize has two interviews. However, neither of them includes any coding tests or technical hurdles. It’s just a sit-down meeting with one of the admissions advisors.

A few things are here to keep in mind during this process. The coding bootcamp isn’t looking for students with much programming experience; instead, it’s looking for passionate individuals about what they do. As a result, get ready to demonstrate how enthusiastic you are about coding and the whole niche in general.

Furthermore, Actualize coding bootcamp places a premium on students who are confident of their job goals and aspirations. It is better if students have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish with the training. Prospective students are strongly urged to conduct research on the school and the courses they will be taking. It will show that you can think on your feet, always a good thing.

“What are my chances of getting in?” Actualize admission rate: 

Actualize has yet to release its admittance rate. However, given the tiny class sizes, it’s reasonable to believe that the admissions rate is lower than the national average.

As a result, your acceptance prospects are likely to be reduced. Doing your preparation work might significantly improve your chances of admission.

Student outcomes and job placement after graduation

Investigating student results, such as graduation rate, employment rate, and beginning salary for graduates, is how potential bootcamp students can verify boot camp quality.

Actualize’s curriculum is regularly revised to guarantee that students are equipped with top employers’ skills. The outcomes have yet to be made public by the school. However, based on their course format, coding bootcamp participants will leave with valuable abilities to increase their employability.

There is no job placement service available at this software engineering bootcamp. It does, however, provide Professional Support group talk via career consultants and counselors. 

This method helps students in navigating the job-search process.

Frequently asked questions

What programs does Actualize have?

According to Actualize reviews, the bootcamp offers a variety of curriculum options to prospective students, including online, full-time, part-time, and self-paced programs, among others. Actualize is a coding bootcamp that teaches students with little or no coding expertise how to build a full-stack web application using Python.

A live online bootcamp, as well as an in-person bootcamp in Chicago, are available through Actualize. Both bootcamps place a strong emphasis on learning full-stack web development skills. Students can finish these bootcamps part-time, allowing them to maintain their current employment while they study.

Instructors with coding and teaching experience are sought after by this bootcamp provider. Instructors can provide one-on-one assistance to students during live online sessions, answering questions and leading them through the day’s coding assignment.

How much does Actualize cost?

Both the full-time and part-time training programs cost $13,900 at Actualize coding bootcamp. All accepted students require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance into the program. When the tuition amount is subtracted, students will have three flexible financing options to choose from to pay off the remaining balance. The goal is to acquire a position in the program as soon as possible.

What paying options do I have in Actualize?

A few payment methods are available at this school, including up-front payments, month-to-month installments, and loan financing alternatives. Actualize is open to practically everyone who uses one of these payment options. Apart from the option of making a one-time payment, the school also offers the opportunity of making three monthly payments. TuitionFlex is a three-year deferred payment plan that allows students to pay their tuition over three years. The student’s repayments speak entirely after their credit and financial history.

How can I apply to Actualize bootcamp?

Actualize coding program applicants must apply online through the bootcamp’s website. Students do not need to have any prior coding experience, but Actualize suggests that they learn the fundamentals of coding before beginning their bootcamp. The critical pre-work helps students who have never taken a class before getting up to speed to succeed once live instruction begins.

Are there any bad Actualize bootcamp reviews?

Student reviews are one of the most reliable indicators of how you will feel about a coding bootcamp after you have attended it. Actualize has received a lot of positive feedback. Not that a coding bootcamp won’t have any negative reviews, but they might offer you a good indication of what to expect. Former boot camp participants can provide you with some of the most candid feedback. Inquire via Twitter or email about recent graduates’ thoughts and where they are in their professions. What did they think of the bootcamp? Is it true that they acquired a job as a developer?

How can I prepare to Actualize?

An excellent coding bootcamp can make a huge difference in your life. The best coding bootcamps provide monthly payment alternatives for more people. If you drop out during the first week, the best coding bootcamps will usually reimburse you 100% of your tuition and a prorated amount if you leave after that. Send an email to double-check if you see any payment plans listed.

Procrastination and “thinking it out” should be avoided. You’ve made your decision; now it’s time to follow through.

Is Actualize coding bootcamp worth it?

Actualize provides coding education and career assistance to individuals interested in pursuing a career in software development. Students can receive hands-on experience and construct a portfolio that they can utilize to help them land a job assistance after graduation. Coding bootcamps, on the other hand, are generally not accredited and do not provide the same depth of expertise as a bachelor’s degree program in computer science.

There are several other compelling reasons to consider enrolling, including top tech training programs in real-time, assisting with one’s professional development, and flexible payment options. Still, there are few barriers to entry.

In a word

Actualize is a coding bootcamp that is available both online and on-site for people who want to pursue careers as software engineers. Its curriculum is jam-packed with high-demand programming languages, tools, and frameworks. This program also includes career counseling and resume-building chances to assist participants in obtaining employment after completing their bootcamp.

Actualize may be a suitable alternative for you if you are interested in learning the skills necessary to become a web developer. On the other hand, this school falls short in the program offers. The course options include other critical technology topics, such as data science programs pace and user experience/interface design.

We hope this Actualize bootcamp review was informative enough to understand if this coding school is worth your time and investments. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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