10 Best Coding Bootcamps With Housing – January 2022

Our ranking methodology

This ranking is based on student and alumni feedback, reliability, cost, job guarantees, employment rates, and the presence of housing options at a bootcamp. We considered the percentage of students who completed the program on time (within six months), the program’s cost, and when yesterday students must pay their tuition fees. Also, the following questions influenced the overall ratings of these coding bootcamps with housing: 

How much time did teachers and students spend on one-on-one instructions? Did students work in pairs to perform programming? How many hours per week, on average, did students have to devote to coursework and class time?

A weighted average of the total review score and the total number of reviews determines the ranking order. We prioritized their quality over quantity because we believe that student and alumni feedback reflects a bootcamp’s status.

The best coding bootcamps with housing should have an outstanding program, instructors, curriculum, and career resources to be considered for this year’s rankings. We ranked programs that assist students in securing post-graduate employment.

Also, a bootcamp should meet the following criteria to appear in this ranking:

  • On-site immersive or part-time courses available
  • A minimum of four stars out of five and ten verified reviews from students
  • Independently audited job outcomes at authoritative resources like CIRR
  • Post-graduation employment or refund tuition available

While attending a coding bootcamp can boost your career in technology to new heights, it frequently requires quitting your job, uprooting your life, or relocating to a new city. You might relocate to pursue a career as a developer and need temporary housing; or, you could be an international student with no credit history. Whatever your background, finances can become tight when you commit to a full-time, intensive bootcamp, and unexpected expenses such as rent and food can become stressful. Fortunately, coding bootcamps with housing arrangements or stipends come in place to help you.

In this guide, you’ll find the best coding bootcamps with housing 2022. Feel free to check all the information a student may need about their programs, format, cost, and employment rate — and choose the most appropriate option to enter.

But first things first:

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What is a bootcamp with housing?

Gone are the days when you had to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer information systems, or math to become a software developer. Now you can attend a coding bootcamp, an intensive, short-term technical training program that teaches applicants practical, job-ready programming skills to join the world of technology.

Coding bootcamps have grown in popularity in recent years, mainly because they promote that anyone can learn and upgrade theri coding skills. This concept appeals to people who do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a four-year college education. Full-time coding bootcamps typically last six to 40 weeks, with an average of 12 weeks. Average prices are between $10,000 and $24,000. More than that, some bootcamps guarantee a developer job; and if you don’t get one, you will only pay your initial deposit.

Many factors go into choosing a coding bootcamp. There’s a program cost, a location, subjects taught, students attracted, job placement rates, and so on. And yet, housing can become one of the top factors for international students when they decide on a coding bootcamp to enter:

Nobody expects to live in luxury while learning data science, but a cramped apartment or a lack of air conditioning can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

So, coding bootcamps with housing are schools providing students with a living place. The benefits are apparent:

  • Cash savings
  • Proximity to classes
  • A community of peers for networking and dealing with tasks together

And now, let’s jump to the bootcamps to consider this year for those willing to take advantage of all that.

10 best coding bootcamps with housing to consider in 2022

The best coding bootcamps with housing at a glance:

BootcampLevelFormatCoursesCostEmployment rate
DevMountainIntermediate, advancedFull-time, part-time, online, and in-personWeb Development, Data Science, UI/UX Design, Mobile App Development, Frond-End Development$7,900 – $10,50085%
V SchoolAllOnline, full-time, and self-pacedUX/UI Design, Web Development$14,90085%
Big Nerd RanchBeginners, intermediateFull-time, in-personiOS and Swift, Full-Stack Web Development, Front-End Development, Cybersecurity$3,500 – $6,00090%
42AllFull-time, part-timeFull-Stack Development, Data Science, Front-End Development, Mobile App Development Free86%
Institute of CodeAllFull-time, in-personFrond-End Development, Digital Marketing$4,50082%
LearningFuzeAllFull-time, part-time, online, and in-personUX/UI Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Data Science$3,995 – $13,99588%
Software GuildAllIn-person and onlineJava and .NET (C#) Web Development$13,750 for in-person, and $10,000 for online classes89%
Deep Dive CodingBeginners, intermediateFull-time, part-time, in-personFull-Stack Web Development,Data Science,Mobile App Development$7,495 – $9,99580%
Tortuga CodersBeginners, intermediateFull-time, in-personFull-Stack Web Development$3,00086%
iXperienceCurrent university students with a GPA of 2.75 or higherFull-time, in-personFull-Stack Web Development, Data Science, Product Management, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing $9,90080%



DevMountain is a bootcamp and design school that offers fully furnished housing, internet, and utilities to its students. You don’t have to pay any extras if you attend one of this school’s three campuses on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students share rooms with peers or pay some extra for a private room if they want to live alone. Food is not included.

The application process to this coding bootcamp consists of filling out an application, participating in a phone interview, and completing a test to check your skills. DevMountain’s courses aren’t that expensive, and students can pay their tuition through third parties. Career support is also here for every student, and it includes help with resume building, networking with potential employers, and preparing for an interview.

Visit DevMountain

V School

V School

V School provides full-time career changer students with free housing and public transportation, including train passes and bicycles. The student housing complex features a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a recreation room. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The average duration of a V School course is 12 weeks. Here you can learn Full Stack JavaScript and UX/UI design.

V School is a full-service academy for coding and design. A staff-to-student ratio of 1:8, ensuring an immersive, high-touch learning environment. V School offers income share plans to students who wish to defer their tuition payments until employment.

Visit V School

Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch in Atlanta offers a retreat-style bootcamp and corporate courses held at client locations worldwide. The school provides you with an intensive one-week bootcamp in iOS and Android Development and Full-Stack Web Development, costing from $3,500 to $6,000. The price depends on the course, including living expenses.

The registration fee for Big Nerd Ranch includes technical training, lodging, meals, and educational materials, as well as a shuttle service to and from major airports. Class sizes range from 1:5 to 1:22 here, and each instructor is involved in client-facing development. Bootcamps in this school are for prospective students who have at least some prior experience in coding. Complete beginners may encounter some difficulties, though they are also welcome to apply.

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The 42 bootcamp has 163 dormitory rooms available to tuition-free students. It’s an entirely free coding bootcamp with Paris and Silicon Valley locations. Before enrolling in their full-time program, students must complete a four-week ‘Piscine’ coding challenge covering Full-Stack Web Development, Data Visualization, and Cybersecurity. 

At 42, there are no instructors; instead, prospective  students learn from their peers and technology industry mentors, graduating with the skills necessary to launch a rewarding new career. A variety of technology companies employes graduates from 42: Google and Microsoft are among others.

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Institute of Code

Institute of Code

Institute of Code tuition includes housing and meals at the bootcamp’s villa campus in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a 10-day all-inclusive code retreat where experienced mentors teach students basic programming languages including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, enabling them to create beautiful, responsive websites from the ground up.

Institute of Code is a rigorous program that requires 60+ hours of coursework, and students will graduate with a resume-boosting portfolio of 2-3 responsive websites. They house their classrooms in luxury villas in breathtaking locations, complete with an in-house chef and massages to keep students productive; students have nothing to worry about except honing their programming skills.

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Learning Fuze for Web Development


LearningFuze provides a full-service package that includes housing, a gym, a pool, meals, transportation, activities, and airfare. It is a web development bootcamp company based in Irvine, California. Student-led 12-week immersions in web-building tools and data structures are taught at the school.

Training at LearningFuze has three stages. Students begin with a two-week bootcamp prep course, then go to a 12-week project-based immersion. Coaches help participants maximize their education. On Demo Day, students finish their projects and present them to potential employers. The company has a strategic partnership with Concordia University, which can help traditional degree seekers. 

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Software Guild

software guild

Software Guild is a coding bootcamp with housing that teaches programming languages that includes Java and.NET (C#) web development with AngularJS. The online course lasts nine months, and the in-person course is 12 weeks. Software Guild prepares motivated beginners and experienced students interested in growth to compete for professional developer jobs. The program includes paired programming and design exercises led by the instructors and mentors. 

Applicants must complete an application, an interview, an aptitude test, and Software Guild’s Introduction to Web Development course before joining this bootcamp. Only tuition is included, with a $1,000 retention discount for online students. And the median starting salary for graduates is $55,000 per year.

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Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive Coding is a Data Science, IoT, Digital Media, Web Development, and Java+Android bootcamp in Albuquerque. During the bootcamp, students create personal and team capstone projects, culminating in a Demo Day with employers and community members.

Deep Dive Coding partners with the University Village Hotel to provide fully equipped rooms with a kitchen and wi-fi for their students.

Applicants must have basic computer science fundamentals. The school looks for applicants eager to learn in pairs and as a team. Personal branding, resume writing, and mock interviews with local tech professionals are part of the bootcamp’s professional development and coaching.

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Tortuga Coders

Tortuga Coders

Tortuga Coders is a 9-week intensive Web Development bootcamp set on beautiful Thai beaches. The school teaches students Full-Stack Web Development skills that include several programming languages, tools, and more. The program is intense, but students can participate in weekend activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and zip-lining. This coding bootcamp includes accommodation so you can relax and focus on studying.

Students do not need prior coding skills or knowledge to apply to the school but must know computer science fundamentals. Each class is project-based and test-driven to prepare students for the real world. Tortuga program cost is only $3,000 for the entire bootcamp, including lodging.

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iXperience is a credit-bearing study abroad program for university students in Cape Town, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, and Berlin. The program includes a week of Global Studies, two weeks of classroom learning, and three weeks of practice at a local company with teacher support.

IXperience includes modern accommodation near restaurants, cafes, and public transport. Outside of class, students can go on food tours, surf, dive, hike, sail, and cultural immersions, producing actual work to showcase to potential employers. Graduates join a community of over 1,400 alumni committed to personal and professional growth. They work for global tech and finance giants.

Visit iXperience

Finding the right coding bootcamp for you

Have you decided to enroll in a coding bootcamp with housing? Before you make your final decision, consider these five factors:

1. Trustworthiness

Coding bootcamps need to be open and honest about their job statistics. Does a third party audit their job statistics? Are they affiliated with CIRR? Please check this information before applying.

Alumni reviews are among the best indicators of how well a coding bootcamp will suit your needs. That’s not to say that a trustworthy school won’t have super negative reviews, but you can get a good sense of a bootcamp based on this criterion.

Former bootcamp students can provide you with some of the most candid feedback. Try tweeting or emailing them to get new graduates’ opinions and see where they are in their careers.

2. Structure

Conduct your research into the skills in high demand in your city. To improve your chances of landing a job, you may want to learn the most in-demand skills in your area and visit Python coding bootcamps with housing, for example. Don’t get stuck learning programming languages that no one is hiring. Instead, learn a stack that is in demand.

Examine part-time vs. full-time options and online vs. in-person learning formats in bootcamps. You may be able to devote three months to a full-time program, or you may need to work during the day and code on weekends. If you prefer to learn on campus, you’re limited to bootcamps nearby.

3. Cost

The average bootcamp tuition price in 2021 was $13,500, according to the analysis of 620 bootcamp programs by BestColleges. However, bootcamps can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than $20,000.

Consider your financial situation and how you plan to pay for your program: Can you afford to pay in one lump sum, or will you have to pay in monthly installments? Most bootcamps provide a variety of payment options, and some also offer financial aid in the form of scholarships. Many collaborate with loan providers to give more paying options to students and tailor them specifically to student needs.

4. Duration

Bootcamps can last from six to twenty-eight weeks, with the average course lasting 14 weeks.

When it comes to pace, bootcamps offer a few options. Students in full-time programs typically work Monday through Friday, whereas part-time programs attend classes on weekends and evenings. Part-time programs take longer to complete, so do your best to consider this when choosing a coding bootcamp to join.

Finally, some students may prefer self-paced bootcamps. Indeed, they can benefit distance learners already juggling a busy schedule; however, this option might not provide as many opportunities for interaction with instructors and peers.

5. Employment rate

Most bootcamp graduates find work within six months of graduation, but there are no guarantees in the job market. Many factors influence job search success, including location, previous experience, interview skills, and specialization. There’s a good chance you’ll succeed if you use the career resources provided by most bootcamps.

Large tech companies, small tech startups, and non-tech companies hire coding bootcamp graduates: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and other notable tech companies like Vimeo, Scribd, and Vroom are among them. You can also find a tech job in other industries, such as finance and healthcare.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose coding bootcamps with housing?

Many factors go into choosing a coding bootcamp. Maybe you’re a developer moving to a new city and need temporary housing. If so, where will you live if you have recurring dreams about formatting your code? Regardless of your background, committing to a full-time intensive bootcamp can cause financial stress. And that’s where coding bootcamps with housing can help or at least provide you with a stipend for studying.

How typical are bootcamps with housing?

Coding bootcamps help you advance or start your tech career. Nobody expects to live in luxury while learning, but a cramped apartment or a lack of air conditioning can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. Bootcamps with housing are worthwhile if you put in the effort and take responsibility for your education and job search after graduation.

How to pay for coding bootcamps with housing?

Students can pay for coding bootcamps in several ways: in total upfront, on a payment plan, with deferred tuition, or through an income share agreement. Employer tuition reimbursement, GI Bill®, scholarships, and loans are also options to consider. Students can combine payment options, but do your best to research all available in a bootcamp of your choice before enrolling.

Are there any free coding bootcamps with housing?

Yes, there are. For example, the 42 school offers a free introductory coding bootcamp. Many reputable bootcamps offer free introductory courses to prepare applicants for their paid programs. They’re also a great way to test out a bootcamp before applying. But enrolling in these free prep courses with the expectation of becoming an expert programmer in weeks may be unrealistic.

How long does it take to complete a coding bootcamp with housing?

Bootcamps range in length from six to 28 weeks, with an average of 14 weeks. To survive a 12-week (or longer) program, you’ll need to put in long days and nights of learning, frustrations, and successes. Many successful developers are self-taught. It is a much more difficult road, as you must decide what to learn and how to learn it.

What is the best coding bootcamp with housing?

Software Guild has partnered with 401 Lofts to secure student housing just minutes from their campus, which means living with 4-6 other students in a lovely apartment. And all this is for under $2,500 for the entire 12 weeks. It’s worth considering!  Also, there is DevMountain that prioritizes affordability and includes housing tuition. It would help if you researched the program’s specifics.

Are coding bootcamps with housing worth my time and money?

According to each individual’s financial situation and career aspirations, the answer to this question will differ from one another. So, consider your needs and expectations, and choose a coding bootcamp accordingly. Most coding schools have extensive alumni networks, which you should tap into. Please remember that it’s part of your investment in a better future wherever you end up.


A coding bootcamp is an excellent investment that can boost your career in tech to new heights. Whether you move to a new city to become a developer or you’re an international student in need of a short-term living option — coding bootcamps with housing are worth your consideration. It’s a great way to save money and time but get into a loyal community of instructors and peers, build a network, and get the most out of your learning experience.

We hope that our list of the best coding bootcamps with housing will help you choose the school and give your new skills a try in 2022.

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