15 Best Coding Bootcamp in Seattle [2022]

Our ranking methodology

We based our ranking on the number of its employed alumni. This metric is an indication of how a coding bootcamp prepares its students for relevant employment. This post will be handy for anyone how wants to join one of the top Seattle tech companies.

Below are more details on our criteria. A bootcamp had to meet the following factors to qualify as the best coding bootcamp in Seattle:

  • Offer at least one coding program to its students
  • Have 10+ recent reviews (from 2018 or sooner) by verified alumni/students
  • Have more than 100 total reviews
  • Have a minimum 4-star average review rating
  • Have at least 50% alumni represented in their data of employment outcomes

We also considered the advanced statistics by external data providers such as Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR).

And that’s what we’ve got.


Are you looking for a good Seattle bootcamp? Well, Emerald City has much more things to offer than rain and coffee. 

Popular industries here include aerospace and mobile, with Seattle being home to tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, and Expedia. With Silicon Valley being so close, the area’s tech scene continues to grow, and so do coding bootcamps in Seattle. 

From this article, you’ll learn about the best coding bootcamp in Seattle, learning programs and formats they offer, their cost, and their employment rate to decide if the game’s worth the candle.

But first things first:

The benefits of Seattle coding schools

Several notable benefits accompany Seattle coding bootcamps. The following are a few but essential to consider for applying:

  • Available to everyone – Coding schools in Seattle don’t have education requirements. Most of them won’t ask for any prior knowledge but offer prep courses for interested applicants.
  • Project-based curriculum – Students primarily work on problem-solving projects at bootcamps to demonstrate their coding skills and later use those works for their portfolios.
  • Experienced instructors – Instructors that teach at the best Seattle bootcamps have the best industry experience. They give lectures on coding fundamentals and extra specific details a student needs to succeed in their career.
  • Career services – Most coding bootcamps in Seattle help prepare their students for the job market. They build a partnership with tech companies and introduce their students to assist in a job search.

15 top-rated coding schools in Seattle

First, here go Seattle coding bootcamp criteria at a glance:

BootcampLevelFormatCoursesCostEmployment rate
EpicodusBeginner, intermediateFull-time, part-timeIntroduction to Programming, React, C#$11,70075%
NucampAllPart-time, both online and in-personFront End Developer,Mobile App Development,Full-Stack Developer$349+82%
Flatiron SchoolIntermediate, advancedFull-time, part-time, onlineFull-Stack Developer,Data Science,Cybersecurity,UX Design,Front End Developer$16,900+86%
Code FellowsAdvancedOnline, full-time, part-time, self-pacedData Analytics, Web Development, Mobile Development, Cybersecurity, Full-Stack Developer$12,00093%
Hack ReactorIntermediate, advancedFull-time, part-time, online, in-personSoftware Engineering$17,98079%
Coding DojoIntermediate, advancedFull-time, part-time, onlineFront End Developer,Data Science,Full-Stack Developer$8,995+89%
GalvanizeIntermediateFull-time, online and in-personFull-Stack Developer$17,98083%
General AssemblyIntermediate, advancedFull-time, onlineFull-Stack Developer$14,95091%
ThinkfulAllFull-time, part-time, onlineData Science,Full Stack Developer,Front End Developer,UX Design,Digital Marketing$4,600+97%
The Tech AcademyBeginnerFull-time, part-time, onlineWeb Development, Computer Programming, UX Design, Cybersecurity, Data Science, GameDev $5,980+69%
Digital CraftsBeginner, intermediateFull-time, part-time, onlineFull-Stack Developer$9,950+80%
Per ScholasBeginnerFull-time, onlineFull-Stack Developer, Web Developerfree80%
Data Science DojoAllFull-time, in-personData Science, Python for Data Science, Data Engineering, Remote Data Science$2,799+89%
Make SchoolBeginnerFull-time, in-personFront End Developer,Product Manager,Data Science,Mobile App Development,Full-Stack Developer$70,00086%
Ada Developers AcademyAllFull-timeFull-Stack Developerfree90%


Epicodus is an online bootcamp for individuals interested in pursuing a web development career, with courses in several programming languages such as JavaScript, C#, and Ruby. Epicodus offers a unique learning method based on their hands-on teaching style, with students building projects and writing codes daily.

The cost for both part-time and full-time coding programs starts from $11,700 here. This program covers 800 hours of work in class and 80 hours preparing for an internship. Please note that tuition fees cover both job search and job preparation support for a period of up to a year after graduation. Epicodus graduates also reported earning an annual average salary of $60,000. Epicodus is your #1 bootcamp in the Seattle area to earn in-demand skills for your tech career transformation.


Nucamp is one of the top coding bootcamps in Seattle that offers fundamental courses on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for everybody. More advanced students can go ahead and enroll in its 17-week front end or their 22-week full-stack development course. Nucamp’s schedule is flexible, and those working can find part-time training while keeping their full-time jobs.

It’s one of the most affordable coding schools in Seattle, and the cost of learning starts from around $1,480 to $2,292. While Nucamp offers three different programs, it recommends starting with web development fundamentals before advancing to more immersive courses.

Flatiron School

Flatiron is a powerful Seattle programming bootcamp that also has great data science courses and cyber security programs. It’s an award-winning educational center with both full-time and part-time programs, also offering prep courses for the entire program.

Flatiron School tuition fees vary depending on the course you choose, but they aren’t that cheap anyway ($16,900-$19,800). This bootcamp has career coaches to help graduates land a job in tech soon after graduation. They also have a nationwide partner network to make it easier for their grads to find employment. Flatiron School’s graduates earn an average starting salary of $75,000.

Code Fellows 

Code Fellows is a coding bootcamp established to prepare students for careers in cybersecurity and software development. This bootcamp offers different financial options and career coaching services.

You’ll need around $12,000 to undertake a course of your choice at Code Fellows. And get ready to pay $23,100 for completing a full-deck program, from a beginner to advanced level. The school boasts an impressive employment rate of 93% and says that its alumni get jobs soon after graduation.

Hack Reactor 

Hack Reactor is an online coding bootcamp aimed at helping students learn the necessary skills to land a job as software engineers. Its full-time, 12-week program consists of both virtual and physical classes.

If you intend to transform into tech from scratch, Hack Reactor is the right place for you. The cost of undertaking their programs is the same for both full-time and part-time students, with tuition fees starting from $17,980. Hack Reactor has an employment rate of 79% and says that its graduates earn $91,000 per year.

Coding Dojo Seattle

Coding Dojo is another coding bootcamp in Seattle, offering full-time and part-time data science programs and software development. Here, you can become a software developer in 14 weeks or learn the basics of data science in 12 weeks.

The cost of coding programs offered at Coding Dojo varies. If you choose a full-time bootcamp, you have to pay $16,495; for part-time, the tuition fees start from $8,995. Coding Dojo’s graduates work at tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Also, Coding Dojo has an in-depth free section with useful guides from beginner web developers.


If you intend to study software engineering or data science, Galvanize is a good option. It’s a tech-skill Seattle coding bootcamp offering 13-week full-time programs and 30-week or 36-week part-time programs. 

At Galvanize, you’ll receive guidance on networking, personal branding, and job searching. Since its origins, this bootcamp has put more than 2,000 of its graduates to profitable firms such as IBM, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, Twitch, and Tesla. The average salary for graduates of Galvanize is about $95,000.

General Assembly 

General Assembly is one of the best coding bootcamps not only in Seattle but across the globe. It’s the right place for you if you want to learn everything from web development to UX design, data science, product management, and other in-demand disciplines.

General Assembly is ideal for beginners and experienced tech experts interested in learning new skills for more employment opportunities. The full-time bootcamp costs $14,950 here, while part-time courses are $3,950. Based on their latest report, they have an employment rate of 91%, with their graduates managing to get employed within 180 days of graduation.


Thinkful is a top coding bootcamp aimed at kick-starting the career of their graduates within six months. Its programs can help students master software engineering, data analytics, and UX/UI design.

The cost varies depending on the study format. For full-time, tuition begins from $7,500; for part-time, get ready to pay $4,600. About 97% of Thinkful graduates manage to land jobs after graduation. Most of them have landed in high-paying firms such as Pulse, Google, Manhattan Mobile, Simplr, Tagflix, IBM, and many others.

The Tech Academy 

The Tech Academy has plenty of courses for individuals willing to transition to tech. This coding bootcamp helps individuals gain technical skills to get a job as cybersecurity experts, data scientists, or game developers. The programs take place online and on a self-paced basis.

The cost starts from $5,980 to upwards of about $26,640. The Tech Academy has many topics bordering on frameworks and programming languages. Also, they don’t forget about job interview preparation and resume creation, critical skills for alumni to employ. The Tech Academy reports that 69% of its graduates manage to secure full-time employment within the first six months of graduation.

Digital Crafts 

Digital Crafts is one of the best online programs for aspiring programmers, offering a full-stack software engineering course that can make you job-ready in 16-26 weeks of training. During your studies, you’ll learn how to use popular programming languages for building applications.

Thanks to Digital Crafts’ career coaching services, its graduates manage to land jobs at some of the most reputable companies. It will cost you $9,950 to undertake coding courses here, both full-time and part-time. While Digital Crafts doesn’t offer a job guarantee, 80% of its graduates find employment and earn an average starting salary of $70,000.

Per Scholas 

Per Scholas is a coding bootcamp with 10-15-week, intensive courses in Software Engineering, Full Stack Java Development, Cybersecurity, IT Support, and Cloud DevOps. Their programs are designed to connect local talents with tech employers for free. Yes, it’s a free coding bootcamp Seattle has to offer.

Many students that graduate from Per Scholas get a job soon after graduation. This coding bootcamp says that it has an employment rate of 80%, with some students managing to secure high-paying positions across tech firms within and outside of Seattle.

Data Science Dojo 

Data Science Dojo is a coding bootcamp founded on the idea that anybody can learn data science. Having trained more than 50,000 data professionals, the school offers its courses full-time and on an in-person basis.

The cost of this coding bootcamp in Seattle starts from $2,799 to upwards of $9,999. Data Science Dojo’s curriculum covers topics in practical data science such as R programming and Azure tools, Python, data analytics, and more. They don’t offer a job guarantee but say that companies like YouTube, Cisco, Groupon, and Google, among others, have employed 89% of their graduates.

Make School 

Make School is an excellent coding bootcamp for beginner and intermediate students willing to learn more about computer science. This program, along with other coding courses, takes 2,5 years to complete, and students can take it full-time or on a self-paced basis for $70,000.

Make School’s curriculum is deep and covers everything from computer science fundamentals to soft skills development. Also, the bootcamp offers a free course on computer science fundamentals, along with iOS development. Make School has an impressive job outcome, reporting that its alumni earn an average starting salary of $103,300.

Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is Seattle’s free coding bootcamp for women and gender-diverse students. This bootcamp runs for 52 weeks and teaches everything about full-stack web development, working full-time only. Not only will you learn web development here, but you’ll also get transferable skills to use across the tech job sector.

As for employment, Ada Developers Academy comes as one of the most successful bootcamps in Seattle. With 90% of employed alumni, the bootcamp provides job assistance within and outside the tech industry. Ada’s graduates work at Amazon, Hulu, Google, Millman, and Zillow.

How to find the best coding bootcamp in Seattle

As well as many other areas in the USA, Seattle has a dozen of coding bootcamps to offer. But how do you know which one is the best to consider? 

They all try hard to impress students with programs, prices, and employment rates. For newbies, it seems super challenging to decide if any Seattle coding bootcamp is worth attending and trusting.

So, how then do you go about finding the best coding bootcamp in Seattle? To be safe, consider the following factors:


Among other things, you need to join a bootcamp that you can trust. Do they have a license? Are they legit? What do its former and current representatives and students say about them?

The best Seattle coding bootcamps are those who’ve managed to gain respect and trust from many students and tech firms.


Do you happen to be a busy person who prefers to undertake your studies either online or on a part-time basis? Besides trustworthiness, you need to ensure that the coding bootcamp of your choice can offer the learning format you prefer. 

Also, please do your best to check their courses and coding programs to make sure you’ll earn what your want there.


A tuition fee is another critical factor to consider when choosing the best coding camps in Seattle. What’s your budget? It would help if you went for coding bootcamps whose tuition costs you can meet without any difficulties. 

Some tend to be expensive, while others are cheap or even free. So you’ll always find the most affordable option to start your path in tech.


Some coder bootcamps in Seattle may take up to a few years to complete. How much time do you have, and how soon do you want to find employment? 

When choosing a coding bootcamp in Seattle, you may want to go for those with programs you can complete within the shortest time possible and join the job market early.

Employment rate

Last but not least, your best coding bootcamp in Seattle will assist its students with a job search. Some bootcamps partner with tech companies and guarantee employment to their alumni, while others leave students on their own.

Examine all the options, weigh all the pros and cons, and join a coding bootcamp that will most meet your needs and expectations.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is a coding bootcamp Seattle worth it?

Yes, it is if you intend to gain some career-specific skills within a few months and get some extra options for employment. Most code bootcamps in Seattle offer comprehensive career services, learning resources, and plenty of networking opportunities. So you’ll learn essential skills to prepare you for the best jobs in tech. But even if you are still unsure if you need a bootcamp, you can always apply for their preparation courses (free or token value) to see if the game is worth the candle.

  • What is the best coding bootcamp in Seattle?

All Seattle bootcamps have their pros and cons, and you need to consider what most matters for you: programs they offer, cost, alumni feedback, job guarantees, or anything else. Also, please check the tips on choosing the best coding bootcamp in Seattle we discussed above. From the 15 best bootcamps on our list, Thinkful and Coding Dojo seem the top ones to check. Per Scholas is worth your attention too, especially if you’re a complete beginner in tech.

  • Are there any free coder bootcamps in Seattle?

Yes, you can find some free coding bootcamps in Seattle: Please check Ada Developers Academy and Per Scholas on this list and see if their programs and other factors meet your interests and career plans. Also, they can be a nice instrument to see if your interest in coding is strong enough to continue your education in this niche.

  • What companies in Seattle hire coding bootcamps graduates?

Several companies in Seattle hire coding bootcamp graduates: Tableau, Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, and Google, among others. With the niche being high in demand, finding a job after graduation from a coding bootcamp in Seattle doesn’t seem a super challenging task.

  • What is the average salary for a developer in Seattle?

The average salary for a developer in Seattle stands at $114,531. As an entry-level developer or a coding bootcamp graduate, you can expect something like this or a bit lower. Senior engineers and developers in Seattle earn up to $149,270, so there’s still something to strive for.

  • Will a Seattle coding bootcamp help me get a job?

It depends. While most Seattle coding bootcamps partner with tech companies and prepare top talents for them to hire after graduation, there are still some schools that leave this task upon you. Check their guarantees carefully before applying and choose a bootcamp that fits your needs most.

In a word

Whether you want to work as a software developer in the future or just learn coding for any other reason, a coding bootcamp is the ideal place to hone your skills. And now that you have the guide with 15 top coding bootcamps in Seattle, it’s time to give them a try. Even if you don’t plan to enslave Google, these schools can open your pathways to new opportunities.

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