San Francisco Coding Bootcamp: 26 Best Options [2022]

Bay Area coding bootcamps at a glance.

Our ranking methodology

For a coding camp to get featured on this list of the best San Francisco coding bootcamp options, it had to meet several factors. We ranked the coding boot camps in this area based on how many alumni got a job in their field of study after graduation.

This metric is an indication of how a bootcamp prepares its students for relevant employment. Rather than relying on alumni reviews only, we provided rankings centered on career outcomes to gauge the quality of a bootcamp. For us, the best coding bootcamps in San Francisco should:

  • Offer at least one coding program to their students
  • Have 100 total reviews and 10+ recent reviews by their verified students/alumni
  • Have a minimum 4-star average review rating
  • Have at least 75% alumni represented in their data of employment outcomes

We also considered the advanced statistics by external data providers such as Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR).[1]Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) –

And that’s what we’ve got.


The booming technology industry has transformed San Francisco to become a nationally-recognized center for innovation. With young talent and a mindset focused on the future, San Francisco offers a wide range of coding boot camps that teach hard skills necessary to succeed in the field.

Here, you’ll find the list of the best San Francisco coding bootcamps, their programs and benefits for students, their cost, and tips on how to go about finding the best coding bootcamp in San Francisco.

The benefits of San Francisco coding bootcamps

San Francisco is a haven for many tech companies and startups. Its proximity to Silicon Valley is one of the reasons why San Francisco continues to witness growth after growth. Tech giants like Apple, Meta, and Google are all located in this area. As for coding schools in San Francisco, employment rates are super high here, with many students finding jobs in tech not long after graduation. 

The benefits of San Francisco coding bootcamps are as follows:

  • Professional instructors – Students have a chance to learn from seasoned software engineers and web developers who already work at their dream job.
  • Advisors and mentors – Most coding bootcamps provide students with advisors and mentors to help them succeed in the program.
  • Comprehensive education – Coding bootcamps in San Francisco train their students in several programming languages and provide complete newbies with introductions to the niche so they could decide whether it’s the right choice for them.
  • Iterative curriculum – Most bootcamps in San Francisco have programs designed with the current market trends in mind. Not only will you find courses on software engineering here, but you’ll have a chance to learn mobile app development, tech sales, product management, and other much-in-demand professions.

26 best San Francisco bootcamps ranked:

San Francisco coding bootcamps at a glance:

BootcampLevelFormatCoursesCostEmployments rate
Hack ReactorIntermediate, advancedFull-time, part-time, both online and in-personSoftware Engineering$17,98079%
App AcademyAllFull-time, part-time, both online and in-personFront End Developer, Full-Stack Developer$17,000+95%
TechtonicaBeginnerFull-time, in personFull-Stack Developerfree83%
NucampAllPart-time, both online and in-personFront End Developer,Mobile App Development,Full-Stack Developer$349+82%
Coding DojoIntermediate, advancedFull-time, part-time, onlineFront End Developer,Data Science,Full-Stack Developer$8,995+89%
GalvanizeIntermediateFull-time, online and in-personFull-Stack Developer$17,98083%
Rithm SchoolIntermediate, advancedFull-time, in-personFront End Developer, Full-Stack Developer$24,00087%
Product GymBeginnerPart-time, onlineProduct Manager$6,00098%
Hackbright AcademyAllFull-time, part-time, in-personFull-Stack Developer$12,90083%
Flatiron SchoolAllFull-time, onlineFull-Stack Developer,Data Science,Cybersecurity,UX Design,Front End Developer$16,900+90%
BuildschoolBeginnerFull-time, in-personMobile App DevelopmentFree, $500 deposit83%
Make SchoolBeginnerFull-time, in-personFront End Developer,Product Manager,Data Science,Mobile App Development,Full-Stack Developer$70,00086%
SpringboardBeginner, intermediatePart-time, onlineData Science,UX Design,Full-Stack Developer,Cybersecurity$8,500+94%
General AssemblyIntermediate, advancedFull-time, onlineFull-Stack Development$14,95094%
Academy XBeginnerFull-time, online and in-personFront End Developer,Full-Stack Developer$1,95086%
First Step CodingBeginnerPart-time, online and in-personFront End Developer,Full-Stack Developer$1,99990%
Fire BootcampIntermediate, advancedFull-time, in-personFull-Stack Developer$6,000+90%
Fullstack AcademyAllFull-time, part-time, both online and in-personFront End Developer,Full-Stack Developer,Cybersecurity$14,500+91%
AlwaysHired Sales BootcampIntermediate, advancedFull-time, part-time, onlineSalesforce,Tech$2,29990%
ThinkfulAllFull-time, part-time, onlineData Science,Full Stack Developer,Front End Developer,UX Design,Digital Marketing$4,600+97%
Berkeley Boot CampsAllPart-time, onlineProduct Manager,Data Science,Full-Stack Developer,UX Design,Digital Marketing,Cybersecurity$8,995+91%
CodePathBeginnerPart-time, in-personMobile App Developmentfree90%
Lambda SchoolAllFull-time, online and in-personFront End Developer,Data Science,Full-Stack Developerfree86%
Product SchoolIntermediate, advancedPart-time, onlineProduct Manager$4,199N/A
Vendition Sales BootcampBeginnerPart-time, onlineTech Salesfree97%
The Data IncubatorIntermediatePart-time, onlineData Science$1,095+76%

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor offers technical coding courses that suit intermediate and advanced students. They have full-time and part-time online and in-person programs: The part-time online bootcamp takes 36 weeks to complete, while full-time software engineering immersive will take 12 weeks.

The cost of coding programs offered at Hack Reactor begins from $17,980. They focus on Front End, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS, HTML, and more. Around 79% of Hack Reactor alumni find a job in less than three months after graduation. Back in 2016, Hack Reactor has made another San Francisco coding bootcamp, previously known as Telegraph Academy, a part of their brand. That school focused on teaching Full-Stack Development, providing job assistance to graduates, and enjoying a 99% employment rate. All these features make Hack Reactor your top dedicated career coach.

App Academy

App Academy is a San Francisco coding bootcamp dealing with students of different levels. Full-time and part-time courses are available here, both online and in person. Get ready to spend from 16 to 24 weeks here.

The bootcamp’s focus is on JavaScript, Ruby, Docker, CSS, DevOps, UX design, and many other subjects. Their students spend only 10% of their time in lectures, while 90% of the time goes for practical programming tasks. Over 95% of App Academy’s students secure jobs within a month after graduation. On top of that, you can expect perfect communication because App Academy has an award-winning admissions team.


Techtonica is a free coding bootcamp San Francisco for women and non-binary adults. They are a nonprofit organization aiming to build more diverse technical teams, helping low-income students. Here you’ll learn JavaScript, UI/UX design, project management, and data analysis. Professionals in the field volunteer here as instructors and mentors for people willing to change their lives or get new skills.

Techtonica doesn’t offer part-time or online classes for coding. Instead, they have an intensive 6-month course helping with a job. The bootcamp reports that 83% of its graduates manage to secure employment opportunities at several tech firms shortly after graduation. Techtonica has a number of financing options to help you develop the in-demand skills needed.


Nucamp is ideal for beginners, where you can take the Web Development Fundamentals course for $349 and spend just four weeks on it. Two other courses are Front End Development (which lasts for 17 weeks) and Full-Stack Development, lasting for 22 weeks. Subjects include JavaScript, CSS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and others.

The school says that a good number of its graduates have managed to secure employment at high-profile companies. Before applying, you need to know that they offer a hybrid learning experience: 12 students and one instructor per class communicate online during a week and then meet in person on weekends.

Coding Dojo

The onsite software engineering bootcamp, Coding Dojo teaches three stacks that last for 14 weeks. The online part-time software engineering bootcamp allows students to pick their own pace, though it recommends 20-25 hours per week for 16 weeks.

What will you learn in this coding bootcamp San Francisco? Cybersecurity, Data Science, Software Development, UX/UI Design are among others. Coding Dojo reports that 89% of its graduate students manage to secure employment spots at some of the biggest tech firms in the country, and most of them find employment within 180 days of finishing their bootcamp.


Galvanize can better suit intermediate students, offering a 12-week software engineering immersive program for online students and in-person. You’ll learn Data Science, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other subjects here.

The cost of coding classes at Galvanize bootcamp for coding is $17,980, and they report the average employment rate of their graduates is over 83%. Please note that they ask candidates to apply six weeks before the course starts, and it would help if you had some basic knowledge of coding.

Rithm School

Learning at Rithm School is mainly full-time, though they conducted remote courses through the end of 2020. What candidates need to know is this bootcamp’s multi-step application process: It includes an online application, a phone interview with their admission officer, free preparation for the technical interview, and a visit to their campus for it.

Rithm School is not that cheap (get ready to pay $24,000 for the course), but it provides job assistance, connecting the graduates with some of the big tech companies in the area.

Product Gym

Product Gym is ideal for specialists with a minimum of three years of experience, which doesn’t have to be in Product Management, though. The application process doesn’t require any test but just an interview with the school’s representative.

The program available at Product Gym is part-time, and it takes place online. You’ll need six weeks to complete it. Product Gym members or those who successfully graduate from this bootcamp enjoy a 98% job placement rate for an average of 45 to 60 days in the program.

Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy is an immersive, full-time bootcamp for both beginners and intermediate students. You won’t find part-time classes here but intensive 12-week training. Courses at Hackbright Academy start from $249 (it’s the price for a 4-week preparation course) but get ready to pay $12,900 for their full-time (12 weeks) or part-time (24 weeks) courses.

The full-time employment rate for coding graduates of Hackbright Academy stands at 83%. Here you’ll learn subjects like Agile, Front End, Machine Learning, JavaScript, Scrum, UX Design, Linux, and others.

Flatiron School

Flatiron School is one of the top coding bootcamps in San Francisco, where even advanced students will find something to learn. It offers full-time courses on Product Design, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, and UX/UI Design; they all last for 15 weeks online.

Coding programs at Flatiron School start from $16,900 for most programs, except for Cybersecurity. The tuition for this one is $18,900. The application process includes an interview with their admission officer and some preparation work to complete a 15-minute problem-solving test afterward. As things currently stand, the full-time employment rate for coding graduates of Flatiron School is over 90%.


This San Francisco coding bootcamp is the best one for beginners, students who don’t have any previous experience in coding. You’ll learn for free here, but the $500 deposit is a must to submit. (No worries, it’s refundable upon the program completion.) Here you’ll have a 16-week course on iOS Development, where you’ll learn Swift, Networking, Algorithms, Core Data, and Cocoa.

To enter this bootcamp, applicants attend an interview and then complete a pre-work program to learn the Swift basics. The full-time employment rate for Buildschool graduates is over 83%.

Make School

This one looks more like a college in San Francisco, and students spend 2,5 years here to get a degree of Bachelor in Applied Computer Science. They’ll cost you $70,000, and their curriculum (in partnership with Microsoft, Spotify, and others) prepares you to keep up with the latest technologies and evolving computer languages.

Here you’ll have a lecture once a week and spend the rest of your time on self-directed homework and tests. Make School helps graduates with a job and offers an EIBR (Extended Income-Based Repayment) option: They’ll pay your student loan if you don’t get a job after graduation.


Springboard is a code camp San Francisco that is 100% online. Here you can get preparation courses like Introduction to Data Analytics or Introduction to Design for $349, but their numerous intensive programs are much more expensive.

As things currently stand, their alumni have a 94% chance of securing employment soon after graduation. All courses take 6-9 months to complete, and each student gets a personal advisor and an industry mentor to guide them throughout the program.

General Assembly

General Assembly is flexible in their teaching, though their courses are a bit technical that will be ideal for intermediate or even advanced students. They offer full-time, online programs on Software Engineering (Frond-End and Full-Stack Development). You’ll learn Data Analytics, CSS, HTML & Web Design, Python Programming, Data Science, and even the Digital Marketing basics here.

General Assembly coding bootcamp offers its products ranging from $14,950, with loans, discounts, and installment plans available. Graduates of this bootcamp have a 94% chance of securing employment.

Academy X

At the moment, the bootcamp offers an 11-week evening program on Web Design for beginners. It costs $1,950, allowing you to learn the elements of web design for coding and launching HTML or CSS websites.

Academy X doesn’t provide any job assistance or employment guarantees but shares the statistics saying that 86% of their students get a job within three months after graduation.

First Step Coding

This coding bootcamp in Bay Area welcomes complete beginners. It offers a 4-week, part-time course on Introduction to Coding, where students will earn the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Also, they have a Bootcamp Prep course, a series of three modules for you to master the coding fundamentals.

To apply, you need to fill in an online form and have a quick phone call with the First Step Coding team. They are one of the top coding bootcamps in San Francisco when it comes to job placement. Currently, they enjoy an employment rate of 90%.

Fire Bootcamp

Fire Bootcamp offers slightly technical courses to learners, making it ideal for intermediate-level and advanced students alike. The learning process takes place full-time and in-person at the moment, though they also had some part-time options before.

Here you’ll learn subjects like Github, HTML, jQuery, CSS, and JavaScript. Plus, they focus on management programs like Scrum. The school says that 90% of their students find employment soon after graduating from the bootcamp. Their tuition starts from $6,000 and ends with $9,900 for their FireBootcamp Ultra course.

Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy suits students of all levels, though some of their programs seem challenging. Anyway, you can take their 4-week Bootcamp Prep course for $100 to see if they suit your needs and pocket. The bootcamp offers a wide variety of programs and flexible options for college students.

Subjects include but aren’t limited to Cybersecurity, Immersive Software Engineering, AngularJS, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, HTML, and Express. Get ready to pay from $14,500 to around $17,910 for one course here. As for 2019, Fullstack Academy had a 91% job placement rate among students within 180 days after their graduation.

AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp

Students at the intermediate and advanced levels will find this school ideal. Classes at AlwaysHired Sales Bootcamp are available online, both part-time and full-time. Students learn Salesforce, SDR tools, and all sales methodologies and tactics to work in a tech environment successfully.

Currently, the bootcamp offers the Tech Sales Bootcamp course online for $4,000; to apply, you’ll have an interview with the school’s representative. Also, feel free to visit their website and find two more tuition options for training there. Over 250 graduates are now working in tech sales after completing AlwaysHired.


Thinkful is an online coding bootcamp for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced professionals in coding. It offers full-time and part-time courses on Software Engineering, UX/UI Design, Marketing, Data Science, and Data Analytics. Also, you can learn Project Management here.

Get ready to pay from $4,600 for a 12-week course on Digital Marketing to $16,000 for a 22-week Engineering Immersion. A nice bonus is that Thinkful provides job assistance and guarantees employment after graduation. They boast a 97% employment rate, which is quite impressive, don’t you agree?

Berkeley Boot Camps

Berkeley Boot Camps are open for students of all levels, including those with no prior experience in coding. But once admitted, they’ll need to complete a pre-course tutorial and decide whether the school meets their expectations. This code camp focuses on working professionals looking for a career change or gaining a new skill set.

You can learn Coding, Data Analytics, FinTech, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, and Tech Project Management. Programs are numerous; most of them are part-time and online. 91% of students who attend Berkeley Boot Camps are working for big tech firms today.


Beginners will find CodePath an ideal coding bootcamp for them. Furthermore, there are no tuition fees to pay. They offer free, 7-week courses on Android/iOS for Engineers and iOS for Designers. Short, in-person workshops on related topics are also available.

Cybersecurity, Objective-C, Swift, iOS, Android, and Mobile are all the subjects you’ll learn with CodePath. They provide students with job assistance and also offer corporate training.

Lambda School

Students of all knowledge levels are welcome to Lambda coding boot camp to learn Data Science, Back-End Development, and Full-Stack Web Development at 36-week courses. The school has a deferred tuition model, which means you don’t pay for courses themselves but give a percentage of income after you’ve got a job.

More than that, you’ll pay the school only if you make at least $50,000 per year at the job you’ve got after graduation. Other options in Lambda School include installments and discounted upfront payments. As of now, the full-time employment rate for graduates stands at 86% here.

Product School

Product School is one of those affordable coding bootcamps for professionals willing to gain a new skill set for further promotion and career success. They offer three 8-week programs, $4,199 each, for you to get certificates in Product Executive, Product Leadership, and Product Management.

They provide job assistance and corporate training if necessary. Product School’s curriculum combines group activities, mentorship, and real-world case studies to help students get highly relevant skills of software product leaders.

Vendition Sales Bootcamp

Vendition Sales Bootcamp prepares specialists in Tech Sales for free. More than that, graduates receive $7,500 to participate in the apprenticeship here. It’s a part-time, online bootcamp to teach online sales development, tech sales fundamentals and provide personalized live coaching.

The employment rate for those who graduate from Vendition Sales Bootcamp stands at 97%, with most of their graduates lucky to land a job right after completing their apprenticeship in the same company where they did it.

The Data Incubator

The Data Incubator welcomes applicants with STEM degrees. The goal is to equip them with the final skills so they would be self-sufficient in data science. The application process goes online and doesn’t require any specific tests or video interviews.

Most programs are part-time and go online in this bootcamp, but some courses, like an 8-week Data Science Fellowship, are available full-time and in-person. This course is free of charge, by the way. Other programs aren’t that expensive too: For example, Introduction to Python will cost you $199.

Finding the best coding bootcamp in San Francisco

While all code camps San Francisco claim to be the best, it’s not the ultimate truth when examined closely. So, how do you go about finding the best coding bootcamp in Bay Area? What things to consider?

Do your best to check the following factors:

1) Trustworthiness

Before you sign up for a coding bootcamp in San Francisco, you need to ensure that they are a trustworthy institution. Do they work with recognizable and reliable companies? What about their reviews? Are they positive or mostly negative?

2) Structure

Next, before you join a San Francisco bootcamp coding, make sure that they offer what you want to learn. If your interest is JavaScript and UX Design, ensure such programs are available there. Also, check if they have the learning format you prefer. Some offer part-time courses, while others provide full-time or even online classes.

3) Cost

Coding boot camps are a significant financial investment that requires some serious cash. What is your budget? Before joining a bootcamp, you need to know if you can afford to pay their tuition fees. On average, a coding bootcamp cost stands at about $13,500.

4) Duration

Always look at both the admission and completion dates of your coding course. How much time do you have? If you want to complete a coding course earlier, you may wish to join coding bootcamps with some crash programs that will see you complete your course within a short period.

5) Employment rate

Last but not least, you may want to know a bootcamp’s employment rates before joining it. Coding boot camps are many in San Francisco. However, you may want to consider those where you stand a higher chance of securing employment soon after graduation. The one that you choose must have an extensive employer network of organizations for potential jobs.

Frequently asked questions

Is a San Francisco coding bootcamp worth it?

Of course! If you intend to gain some career-specific skills within a few months, then a San Francisco coding bootcamp is worth it. Most of these coding bootcamps offer comprehensive career services, learning resources, and plenty of networking opportunities.

What is the best coding bootcamp in San Francisco Bay Area?

As you already know, more than two dozen coding bootcamps “live” in San Francisco. In this article, we’ve listed the best 26, and each is worth your attention. Among them, it’s Flatiron School that remains to be the best coding school in Bay Area with 1006 positive reviews from their students.

What coding bootcamp in San Francisco should I pick?

Do your best to pick a coding bootcamp in San Francisco Bay Area that meets all your needs: curriculum, duration, cost, and potential employment after your graduation. It would help if you went for the one that offers your preferable course for the most affordable fees.

What companies in San Francisco hire coding bootcamp graduates?

Several companies in San Francisco hire coding bootcamp graduates, including big dogs like Apple, Meta (known as Facebook), and Google. With the niche being high on demand, finding a job in coding after graduation from a bootcamp in San Francisco isn’t a super challenging task.

What is the average salary for a developer in San Francisco?

The average salary for a software engineer in San Francisco stands at $135,000. As an entry-level developer, you can expect to earn that or something slightly better. Junior developers can expect an annual pay increase of about $2,000, with every year of experience up until seniority.

Will a San Francisco coding bootcamp help me get a job?

It depends. Some coding bootcamps in San Francisco will help you secure some employment, while others will just train you and leave matters to do with job search all by yourself. Some of the best coding bootcamps in the Bay Area has are those that connect you to employment opportunities.

Ready to apply?

In this guide, we’ve covered the best San Francisco coding bootcamp options for you. As you can see, it’s not a problem to find a programming bootcamp in Bay Area. All you need to do now is choose the one you like most, fill in an application form, and start preparing for an interview. But before applying, ensure you do want to learn to code and have enough time, patience, and other resources to complete the program.


1 Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) –

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