10 Best San Diego Coding Bootcamps to Apply This Year

Our ranking methodology

This list of San Diego coding bootcamps is based on students’ and alumni’s reviews. The ranking order was determined by a weighted total review score and review count. We weigh review score over review count because student and alumni feedback indicate a bootcamp quality.

A great instructor, curriculum, and career opportunities are a must to consider for this year’s rankings. This list includes part-time and immersive San Diego coding bootcamps.

To be eligible for our rankings, a coding bootcamp must:

  • Offer immersive courses
  • Have at least 4/5 stars and 10 verified reviews

Also, bootcamps should meet the following certain criteria:

  • Offer part-time or full-time online courses
  • Provide a verified, independently audited job outcome report
  • Offer part-time and evening classes
  • Guarantee a job or refund tuition after graduation

San Diego has one of the world’s highest military concentrations. The defense industry employs one in four people and heavily relies on robotics and cybersecurity. The area has a thriving tourism industry and tech startup scene.

Some of the companies looking for talent include CourseKey, AstroPrint Finance, CoachLogix, Athlete IQ, and many more. And given the average salary for a San Diego Software Engineer (it’s $104,143, according to Glassdoor), the city attracts specialists and students willing to learn to code and join the niche. That’s when coding bootcamps come in place.

Keep on reading to reveal the benefits of a coding bootcamp in San Diego and learn the top ten schools for coding in this area.

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Benefits of a coding bootcamp in San Diego

California is a tech hotspot. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, tech workers are in high demand across the state. People are flocking to San Diego courses bootcamps to start new careers in tech. 

Coding bootcamps in San Diego benefits are numerous:

  • Gaining new skills: Many coding bootcamps accept students with no prior programming experience or education. It’s your chance to join and find your place in the industry.
  • A year to start a career. It takes approximately six months to complete a coding bootcamp in San Diego, which is perfect for specialists looking for a quick career change.
  • Career help. In addition to mentorship, bootcamps often connect you with partnered companies. It’s your chance to get a job soon after graduation and start a career in a respectable enterprise.
  • 100% job placement. Several coding bootcamps in San Diego guarantee job placement. If you don’t get hired, you can get a full tuition refund.

The 10 best San Diego coding bootcamps

First, here go the best San Diego coding bootcamps at a glance:

BootcampLevelFormatCoursesCostEmployment rate
San Diego Code SchoolAllFull-time, in-personFrond End Development, Full-Stack Development$2,49992%
University of San Diego Tech BootcampsAllOnline, part-timeCybersecurity, Coding$11,99580%
LEARN AcademyAllOnline, in-personWeb Development$249 – $14,50080%
UC San Diego Extension Boot CampsAllPart-time, full-timeWeb Development$11,99080%
ThinkfulAllFull-time and part-timeUI/UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Engineering Immersion, Full-Stack Development$4,500 – 18,50090%
NucampAllOnline, in-person, and hybrid part-timeFront End Web and Mobile DevelopmentFull-Stack Web and Mobile App DevelopmentWeb Development$349 – $1,76580%
General AssemblyAllOnline, full-time, part-time, self-pacedUI/UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Full- Stack Development$950 – 15,95098%
Fullstack AcademyAdvancedOnline, full-time, part-timeWeb Development, Engineering Immersion, Full-Stack Development, Cybersecurity$17,910 86%
CRMBaseAllOnline, full-time, part-timeTech Sales, Digital Marketing, Engineering Immersion, Full-Stack Development$12,000 to $18,000 75%
LearningFuzeAllFull-time, part-timeWeb DevelopmentUI/UX Design$3,995- $13,99580%

San Diego Code School

San Diego Code School

Students with no technical background can become stellar software engineers and developers at San Diego Code School. During the bootcamp, you will learn various skills and have access to a variety of resources.

Students can participate in an internship with a local company while enrolled in the program. It provides them with practical experience before they graduate and be ready to join the job market.

San Diego Code School has helped many students succeed in the industry since its inception. A graduate of the San Diego Code School can expect to earn around $86,000 per year as a starting salary.


University of San Diego Tech Bootcamps

University of San Diego Tech Bootcamps

The University of San Diego offers two part-time, 26-week remote online tech bootcamps: Cybersecurity and Coding. Students of these courses learn Linux, Pen testing, offensive and defensive cybersecurity, automation, Python for security, bash scripting, incident response, digital forensics, and NIST framework.

After you’ve submitted an application online, you will need to take a timed nontechnical test. The bootcamp offers scholarships to current military personnel, veterans, university alumni, students, and employees. A graduate can expect to earn around $48,100 per year as a starting salary, with about $81,900 in the long run.


LEARN Academy

LEARN Academy

LEARN Academy is a cutting-edge web design and coding school. Students learn things like React for front-end web development here, and Ruby on Rails is taught to back-end web development students.

Students learn HTML, CSS, app development, coding fundamentals, and more. They work with a career support services manager in addition to a comprehensive curriculum. Graduates can use LEARN Academy’s career services to help them build a resume that highlights their technical skills. They get a one-month internship at a local company after graduating from this coding bootcamp in San Diego.


UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps

The University of California San Diego campus offers a bootcamp called UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps. Part-time and full-time programs in software engineering, cybersecurity, and data science are available to students here.

The courses provide students with hands-on experience with web technologies, databases, networking, and systems. This coding bootcamp focuses heavily on what’s in demand in the San Diego tech market right now.




Thinkful offers seven coding courses, both full-time and part-time. Students can attend evening and weekend classes while working full-time. Data science, web development, software engineering, and data analytics are among the available programs.

Some of the programs at this coding bootcamp come with a job guarantee. If a Thinkful graduate does not find work within six months, they may be eligible for a tuition refund.

90% of Thinkful’s graduates go on to work as full-time software developers. Students earn $19,613 more on average after completing the program than they did before.




Nucamp provides courses for both new and seasoned students. Its introductory courses are designed to assist students with little or no coding experience, and students in advanced classes learn full-stack and front-end web development.

Students learn HTML, JavaScript, and other programming languages throughout the program. They also make use of tools like GitHub.

Nucamp’s mission is to make education available to all people. Throughout the program, students receive both online and in-person assistance. You must be familiar with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML before enrolling in some courses. The number of students in each class is limited to twelve.


General Assembly

General Assembly

For its students, General Assembly offers both full-time and part-time interactive courses. From marketing to software development, the coding bootcamp provides courses in a variety of subjects.

General Assembly students learn how to think like a developer. They’ll get the skills necessary to be successful in their field at this school.

Graduates of the coding bootcamp get help with a variety of resources and assistance in their job search. Many General Assembly alumni go on to work for companies like Google, Microsoft, and Visa.


Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy

Web development, full-stack development, cybersecurity, and software engineering are all available at Fullstack Academy. The curriculum for this coding bootcamp San Diego’s courses is tailored to the current market’s needs.

Fullstack Academy graduates describe the bootcamp as challenging; on the other hand, the advantages are well worth it. Many graduates of Fullstack Academy go on to work for companies like American Express, Facebook, and Google.




CRMBase provides no-code and coding learning programs for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Adobe Experience Cloud, preparing specialists to enter the world’s fastest-growing SaaS markets and land high-paying jobs in the process.

Applicants of this bootcamp can choose from a variety of high-paying careers in which they can earn up to $84,000 per year and then enroll in full-time, instructor-led, online bootcamps that last between 12 and 24 weeks.




LearningFuze is a San Diego coding bootcamp that offers a 14-week immersive web development program. Their mission is to teach technical skills to students who have no prior experience. The JavaScript programming language is the primary focus of this coding bootcamp.

Students learn through the use of a project-based approach. They work with instructors who have a combined total of more than ten years of industry experience. Students get prepared to meet the demands of the industry once they have completed their studies.


Frequently asked questions

What is the best coding bootcamp in San Diego?

Coding bootcamps are a great way to get a job without years of study. There are several excellent coding bootcamps in this area, and we’ve compiled a list of the best San Diego coding bootcamps for 2022 here.

Coding bootcamps allow you to choose from a variety of learning formats and schedules. There are also networking opportunities and career guidance available.

Is there any free San Diego coding bootcamp?

Yes, there is. While coding bootcamps are a popular way to learn to code, they are not the only option. The numerous free San Diego coding bootcamps are available and can help you determine what stack, language, or direction you want to pursue before making a big time and financial commitment. For example, the University of San Diego offers the Free Intro to Coding course where you can learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals.

How much is a San Diego coding bootcamp?

The average cost of a San Diego coding bootcamp is $13,584 in person and $12,898 online. At the same time, many schools for coding offers free or nominal-fee introductory courses so a student could try and understand if it’s something they want to continue learning.

How long are schools for coding in San Diego?

 The duration of these coding courses varies, but most full-time coding bootcamps in San Diego are 3 to 6 months.

Will I get a job after graduating from a coding bootcamp in San Diego?

Yes, the big chances are that you will. These bootcamps help with that: Job search advice, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview tips, and salary negotiation strategies are all available to students.

While getting a job depends on the coding bootcamp you choose, most have partnership programs to help you. Some San Diego coding bootcamps work with companies like Microsoft to help new graduates get jobs.

What companies hire developers in San Diego?

San Diego has an endless supply of talented engineers who have founded over 300 companies and raised over $5 billion in revenue since 2006.

Qualcomm, Mapp Digital, Inseego, Mirum Agency, Seismic, ecoATM, Linus, and ClickUp are some of the tech companies that hire developers in San Diego.

What is the average salary for a web developer in San Diego?

In San Diego, CA, a web developer earns around $73,963 plus a $5,000 bonus.

Is a San Diego coding bootcamp right for me?

Yes, it is if you look for a tech career and are ready to put the effort into it. Coding bootcamps are less expensive and take less time than traditional higher education. Even if you already know how to code, these schools teach you the most in-demand skills.

Most bootcamps offer full-time, part-time, and self-paced learning options. It’s never too late to change careers. Enrolling in San Diego coding bootcamps can help with that.

In a word

Today, more and more people start looking for alternatives to the traditional method of learning through schools and colleges to learn to code.

Those in San Diego, willing to save time and learn a new skill, can benefit from coding bootcamps in this area. These schools for coding provide all of the skills a student needs to succeed in the tech industry. You’ll gain knowledge in areas like web development, software development, cybersecurity, and data science that will help you launch a successful career.

In this guide, we’ve covered the ten best coding bootcamps in San Diego, and we hope that you’ll find the one that will become an excellent first step toward a new job and career.

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