What Is the Best Coding Bootcamp in Hawaii?

With three top coding bootcamps in the pocket, Hawaii offers tech-oriented training for individuals interested in learning the basics of coding or honing their skills.

The courses in the coding bootcamp Hawaii range from Full-Stack Development and Cybersecurity to UI/UX Design and Data Science. These schools are well known in Honolulu because they provide students with the thorough training they need to excel in this field. Comprehensive and practical curricula are all here too.

To know more about coding bootcamps in Hawaii, read on to find out their costs, duration, courses, and employment rate.

Top 3 coding bootcamps in Hawaii

Hawaii best coding bootcamps at a glance:

BootcampLevelFormatCoursesCostEmployment rate
DevLeagueAllFull-time, part-time, and in-personFull-Stack Developer, Cybersecurity$499 (prep), $12,500+N/A
NucampAllOnline, part-time and self-pacedFull-Stack Web Development$348 to $1,88078%
CodingDojoAllFull-time, part-time, online, and in-personSoftware Development, Cybersecurity, UI/UX Design, Data Science$4,995+, $15,99589%


devleague hawaii logo
  • Available formats: full-time, part-time, in-person
  • Level: all
  • Cost: $499 (prep courses), $12,500+

DevLeague is among the best bootcamps in Hawaii, and it aims to provide the necessary skillset and mentorship to students. It’s a technical bootcamp that offers advanced skills to individuals interested in taking a career in modern technological skills.

Graduates of bootcamp Honolulu collaborate with hiring managers that’ll assure them a career opportunity to get started in the tech industry. Apart from the job employment guarantee, undergraduates are taught skills like JavaScript software engineering, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity professionals, and enterprise software development. This platform offers a four-week intensive course in coding and front-end web development fundamentals, known as JavaScript prep. Also, students learn a Cyber prep course that focuses its teachings on a full-time Cybersecurity course.

Their part-time program runs for 13 weeks and is designed mainly for individuals looking for a transition in tech but can’t quit their daily job—this platform’s employers network with Microsoft, Google, and Zapper companies.

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  • Available format: online, part-time and self-paced
  • Level: All
  • Costs: $348 to $1,880

Nucamp is one of the boot camps in Hawaii that offers a 17-week front-end and 22-week full-stack development. The program is also available to 180 cities and towns in the US and is affordable and accessible to students. Classes take place on weekends and workday evenings, which is flexible enough for students who have full-time jobs and can’t devote time to extra learning. The trainers of this program have once worked for companies like Amazon, Intel, Starbucks, Microsoft, T-mobile, and many others.

Nucamp has an accessible tuition fee that doesn’t require you to get a loan before taking your courses. As a student, you can also apply for the Fair Students Agreement that allows you to pay nothing for the 12 months to complete your Software Engineering bootcamp path. You could also choose to pay your tuition fee as low as $78 per month.

This Hawaii coding bootcamp provides the knowledge and the structure that allow graduates to build their portfolio with 4-6 jobs.

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  • Available format: part-time and full-time
  • Level: All
  • Costs: $4,995+ (up to $15,995)

CodingDojo trains students in the step-by-step coding process and is designed so that students go through rigorous practice to be well-accustomed to coding. Students learn from their mistakes to hone their skills and experiences. They are taught the fundamentals of different programming languages and learn to apply the concepts in different situations.

This bootcamp Hawaii makes sure they base their teachings on what is popular and high-demand in the industry. Students learn to build end-to-end applications in the industry’s top programming stacks like Python, C#, Java, and Mean. CodingDojo offers financing through Ascent Funding and Climb Credit to cover up to 100% of your credit.

This platform also allows income sharing agreements to enable graduates to pay back tuition fees once employed.

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Things to check when choosing a coding bootcamp Hawaii

Before you choose any coding bootcamp in Hawaii, it is pertinent to consider the following factors:

1) Trustworthiness:

To consider if a coding bootcamp is trustworthy, you have to do in-depth research and ask their alumni. You could also learn more about their style of teachings and impacts from students who have taken up their course and their testimonies. A student’s review can tell you a lot about what your experience with the bootcamp will look like.

Also, it would help if you got to know their teachers and employees. You sure don’t want to apply for a bootcamp and end up not gaining anything afterward, do you? If you discover any sign of untrustworthiness, you shouldn’t apply for the program.

2) Structure:

It is essential to consider their curriculum structure before applying for a bootcamp in Hawaii. Check what subjects they will cover, what their learning formats are, — do they teach full-time and in-person, or will you need to take their courses online? — consider the task types you’ll need to complete, get to know what projects their students deal with, etc. If their system doesn’t align with yours, you might decide not to apply for a given bootcamp and try another one.

3) Cost:

Regarding flexibility of cost, you might want to choose the Nucamp bootcamp. Their program has a very affordable tuition fee that can be paid quickly without applying for a loan. This platform offers student agreement options allowing applicants to choose among several paying plans and decide which one suits them best.

On the other hand, the CodingDojo bootcamp also provides a few paying options to students to help them finance the tuition fee. They help students through Ascent Funding and Climb Credit payment plans. You can choose this bootcamp because they make it easier for students who don’t have much money but are interested in getting tech skills. Apart from this, this boot camp in Hawaii allows income sharing agreements that entail paying your tuition fee after finishing the training and securing a job placement.

4) Duration:

Before you choose a bootcamp in Hawaii, it is pertinent to consider each program’s duration. Some are part-time-based, allowing you to take your time for other engagements. The full-time program doesn’t allow you to have further arrangements but requires your complete dedication to the program. The self-paced program is the best for working-class individuals because they can choose the learning time that suits them most.

Nucamp bootcamp is the best in this regard. You can either apply for the online, part-time or self-paced program there. If you are engaged in your daily business and don’t want to miss out on this, this coding school option is worth considering.

5) Employment rate:

The employment rate of some bootcamps is higher than the others’, but coding bootcamps in Hawaii have a high employment rate because they already have job placement opportunities for their students before graduation. Also, they assist in helping graduates build professional portfolios that’ll place them in better employment opportunities.

CodingDojo is better in this regard because 89% of their students get employment opportunities after six months of completing the program. According to third-party independent surveys, all students receive resume preparation assistance that helps position them for job opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Are bootcamps in Hawaii worth it in 2022?

Yes, these coding bootcamps are worth it in 2022 if you’re interested in putting in the necessary effort. Bootcamps in Hawaii are evergreen because their learning programs and curricula are always in high demand in society. You must focus on this course to get something tangible from it afterward. It is an intensive program compared to the 4-years degree.

What is the average cost of coding bootcamp in Hawaii?

The average cost of a Hawaii coding bootcamp is between $348 to $1,880. This tuition fee is about the Nucamp bootcamp: it is the cheapest one on the list, and they also provide the necessary information needed to scale up the tech career. Two other boot camps in Hawaii — DevMountain and CodingDojo — are more expensive: $12,500+ and $15,995, respectively.

Can I get hired from a Hawaii coding bootcamp?

Yes, most of the Hawaii coding bootcamps have excellent job placement services. Upon application, they assure students of job placement and also assist in building professional portfolios through the numerous practicals every student undergoes.

What is the location of the Hawaii coding bootcamp?

The location of the Hawaii coding bootcamp is at the heart of Honolulu. Honolulu is the home of DevLeague and Nucamp. Although it isn’t the most significant tech hub, Honolulu is a growing tech scene today. Also, these bootcamps’ graduates are now working at companies like Amazon and West Washington University.

In a word

Hawaii’s top three coding bootcamps are worthy platforms to learn tech-oriented skills. Feel free to visit DevMountain, Nucamp, or CodingDojo when in Honolulu or online! Their payment options will suit you if you look for coding bootcamps that don’t take payments before you get a job. Plus, students who participate in these schools’ programs are assured of job placement after graduation. So, why not give it a try?

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